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by Kim Tisor  •  •  May 27, 2022   

Florida senator targets global overreach

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WASHINGTON ( - Florida's former governor is introducing legislation to stop the World Health Organization from usurping America's sovereignty.

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla.

Senator Rick Scott, R-Fla., submitted SB4305 on Thursday to limit the United Nations' agency from using a proposed "pandemic treaty" to intervene in U.S. health affairs. 

The World Health Assembly — WHO's decision-making body — is framing a global pandemic blueprint during its 75th annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

Senator Scott warned:

The WHO's radical "pandemic treaty" is a dangerous globalist overreach. The United States of America must never give more power to the WHO. The WHO is a puppet for Xi Jinping, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and helped Beijing cover up the origins of COVID-19. We must quickly pass this bill to ensure that public health matters in the country remain in the hands of Americans, not globalist puppets working for communist China.

Scott's measure would, "Prevent any U.S. official from treating as binding any directive or order issued from the World Health Assembly, the WHO, or its agents or branches."

We must quickly pass this bill to ensure that public health matters in the country remain in the hands of Americans, not globalist puppets.

It would also "require America's representatives to the WHO to oppose any changes to the WHO charter unless both Houses of Congress vote to adopt the change in a joint resolution."

If the World Health Assembly approves the treaty, 194 U.N.-member nations would then forfeit their authority during an assumed pandemic, relinquishing it to the international organization. 


A former director-general of the WHO admitted to a reporter that the agency has been corrupted due to its relationship with its funders — including its No. 1 private funder, Bill Gates — who expect it to act according to their wishes. Gates, who called the COVID vaccines his best-ever investment, wants to see the entire world vaccinated against COVID-19 despite admitting the shots have failed and despite the shots having killed or disabled millions in the United StatesEurope and elsewhere.

Biden Undermining National Sovereignty

Widespread concern began to surface last week as word of the international meeting's agenda began to spread. Perhaps most concerning to Republicans was unelected President Joe Biden's proposed amendments to international health regulations for the agency's consideration. 

Vaccine-pusher Bill Gates is the WHO's No. 1 funder

CBN News reported the amendments would "allow the W.H.O. to declare a health emergency in the United States, require the U.S. to report an international 'Compliance Committee' on whether it was obeying W.H.O. directives, and would create an enforcement mechanism to essentially punish nations that don't follow the W.H.O.'s directives."

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver explained to CBN the international body, and not the United States, would determine during future health crises whether American businesses and churches are essential or not, as well as dictate social distancing and lockdown measures.

Last week, two GOP senators — Steve Daines, R-Mont., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark. — urged the Biden Administration to pull out of the WHO over the international agency's lack of competence throughout the recent pandemic. Legislation to defend WHO, introduced by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, had 49 co-sponsors as of press time.

Senator Scott has long called for accountability of the WHO, and in 2021 introduced the World Health Organization Accountability Act to hold the WHO responsible for its role in assisting communist China to cover up information regarding the coronavirus. 

The 75th World Health Assembly concludes Saturday.

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