Kenya Nun Jailed for Protecting Students From Suspect Vaccinations

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  May 24, 2016   

Local bishops show two previous vaccines were laced with sterilizing agents

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NAKURU, Kenya ( - A Catholic nun in Kenya is being arrested for sheltering Catholic students from vaccinations that may cause sterilization.

Sister Cecilia Kamau, headmistress of St. Anthony Academy in Nakuru Kenya, was arrested Monday for refusing to allow 700 students to receive a measles-rubella vaccination shot. Public health officials arrested her following complaints from parents that their children at five Catholic-sponsored schools were not allowed to receive the shots. The nun is being arraigned in court today facing charges of endangering lives of children under her care.

Sister Cecilia's suspicions regarding the potential health hazards involving vaccination shots is not without precedent. In March of last year, reported how Kenya bishops have been warning the people that these vaccines are causing sterilization in Kenya as they did in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines.

A joint committee of medical experts, secular and Catholic, found the sterilizing antigen Beta HCG in 33 percent of the Tetanus vaccines used in that immunization campaign.

In July last year, reported that the Kenyan bishops were urging people to boycott the next vaccine campaign targeting malaria. They did not trust the Western agencies sponsoring the immunization drive, namely UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Following the Tetanus immunization campaign, which were shown to contain sterilization agents in one third of the samples acquired from the Tetanus program, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) agreed with Kenya's Ministry of Health that all future vaccines would be tested before, during and after their execution. But starting with the Malaria campaign, the Ministry of Health reneged on this promise and moved ahead with the new vaccination program without allowing independent testing.

This action prompted the bishop of Nairobi, Cdl. John Njue, to declare, "We are not fighting anybody, we are only trying to prevent our people from suffering from external causes."

Likewise, KCCB chairman Bp. Philip Anyolo stated, "We are not in conflict with the Ministry of Health, but we have an apostolic and moral duty to ensure Kenyans are getting safe vaccines." reported in September how an independent study called for by Kenya's bishops revealed that another immunization program, this time involving the polio vaccine, contained estradiol, a major component in hormonal contraceptives. The outspoken bishops were then threatened with a lawsuit to silence them.

Kenya's Ministry of Health last Monday launched this new immunization campaign for Measles and Rubella with the intention of targeting 19 million children between the ages of nine and 14 years. Over the weekend Health officials tweeted, "By Saturday, we had vaccinated 16,456, 219 children against #MeaslesRubella, translating to 86 percent national coverage."


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