Keystone State Clashes

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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  March 22, 2022   

PA candidates lining up

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Midterm primary elections are looming, and candidates throughout the United States are vying to secure their party's nomination, with tensions high in swing states.

Church Militant's Aidan O'Connor takes a closer look at Pennsylvania's upcoming primaries. 

The gates are closed and the candidates are in for Pennsylvania's primary elections. Late last week, the filing period closed for candidates to run for federal and state offices in the May 17 primary. In the Keystone State's gubernatorial election, 11 candidates are battling for the Republican nomination while, on the Democrat side, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is uncontested. 

Due to the crowd of Republicans, Shapiro is expected to begin as the favorite in the governor's race. Shapiro spearheaded the state's explosive grand jury report in 2018 — which exposed rampant clerical sex abuse and cover-up in six of Pennsylvania's eight dioceses. 

In the congressional races, fake-Catholic Democrat Conor Lamb is running for Republican Pat Toomey's U.S. Senate seat. 

Lamb is leaving the important 17th U.S. House district open — a district needed by Republicans if they want to win a House majority in November's general election. Lamb, who supports abortions, touts his so-called Catholic faith, a crucial factor in Pennsylvania's vote, on the campaign trail.

Church Militant's political analyst, Jim Ellis, highlighted the battleground state's Catholic vote.

Jim Ellis, political analyst, Church Militant: "The Catholic vote is critical in Pennsylvania; almost a quarter of the entire state is Catholic. To a great degree, the midterm elections come down not only to the state of Pennsylvania, but, reasonably one could say, to how the Catholics break." 

The nation is watching as voters in Pennsylvania play a major role in America's midterms — possibly foretelling the next presidential election. Pennsylvania has approximately 2 million registered Catholic voters, reportedly the seventh largest Catholic vote in the United States.

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