Kidnapped by Muslim Government

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 16, 2021   

Christian returns home

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A Lebanese-Armenian Catholic has reunited with her family after being held as a political pawn.

Maral Najarian escaped spiraling turmoil in Lebanon after the massive explosion shattered Beirut on Aug. 4 last year.

Najarian moved to the Armenian enclave, Artsakh, which came under assault on Sept. 27 by the Muslim-majority nation Azerbaijan.

Church Militant covered the conflict which saw Azerbaijan, with the help of Turkey and its terrorist proxies, seize Christian territory from Armenians.

Najarian's sister, Ani, spoke to Church Militant about what followed the supposed peace deal.

Ani: "Nobody told her Shushi was not with us. They went to Shushi, and as they entered the main road, they kidnapped [her]."

Najarian was held in captivity for four months by the Azerbaijani government, which has been torturing captured civilians and prisoners of war since the start of the conflict.

Russian and Lebanese diplomats, along with the International Red Cross, secured the release of Najarian, who returned back to Lebanon last Wednesday.

Ani: "We are so happy she came back. She's my big sister, bigger than me. She has two [children]. She wants to see them and my mother. We are so happy."

Najarian is home, but the Armenian Christians in Artsakh remain under increasing threat. Azerbaijan is still resisting calls to exchange untold numbers of prisoners and return abducted civilians.

The Islamic country, backed by its terrorist-enabler Turkey, is already establishing a terrorist training camp in the conquered territory.

Lusine Gharakhanyan, education minister for Artsakh, told Church Militant through a translator Azerbaijan's actions are a "sad blow and shameful act towards humanity."

Historical precedent warns the Turks of Azerbaijan and Turkey will continue to expand and conquer even more Christian territory. This would result in further violence towards women like Najarian.

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