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by Church Militant  •  •  February 27, 2017   

Why does Abp. Gomez do nothing to stop heretical speakers at the LA Religious Ed Congress?

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Speaker after speaker at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (LA REC) is promoting heresy, and Abp. Jose Gomez is doing nothing to stop them.

Father Bryan Massingale, a Catholic priest with multiple degrees, spent more than an hour trying to convince thousands of faithful that their conscience trumps Church doctrine.

"The Church does not teach that my rightly formed conscience must in every case conform to the concrete judgment of what the Church teaches," Massingale said Friday at the Congress' opening night.

The Church's teaching "does not decide for us," he continued. "The Church's teaching informs the process, but it doesn't necessarily become a trump card for the concrete result or decision."

This outright heresy is especially disturbing considering Fr. Massingale cloaks his preaching behind clever use of various Church documents and papal statements, all while presenting it in his Roman collar, giving his words an extra air of authority to poorly catechized laity who don't know any better.

Although Massingale is quick to discard Church teaching on areas of sexual morality for reasons of "conscience," one assumes he would never condone — for reasons of "conscience" — acts of racism, a topic on which he's written extensively and about which he feels passionately.

Watch the panel discuss the annual travesty in Southern California in The Download—LA Wreck.


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