Latino Voters

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  September 22, 2020   

Will Trump win them over?

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Donald Trump is showing stronger numbers than he did in 2016 with Latinos, even leading with them in some states. Winning the Latino vote could spell the end of Biden's presidential bid. The NY Times reports that 60% support Trump's agenda, forcing the publication to admit Trump is actually competitive with Latinos.

The question often presented is how people coming from countries so rooted in family, faith and Catholic values could vote for a Democrat. Our guest Jesse Romero says it's the fake news media lying to them about what the Democrats believe.

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Spanish media outlets like Telemundo Univision are filling their heads with hard-leftist propaganda — something Pope Benedict XVI calls 'schizophrenic Catholicism' or voting against the Catholic Church's teachings.

Winning the Latino vote could spell the end of Biden's presidential bid.

But as law and order breaks down in their own backyards in many major American cities, the Latino vote may no longer be the Democrats' to take.

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