Leftists Bully Bishop

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by Nicholas Wylie  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 16, 2022   

Strickland stands for truth

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An orthodox Catholic bishop is coming under fire for a social media post contrasting conservative and liberal platforms.

Church Militant's Nick Wylie discusses the tweet sending fake Catholics into a frenzy.

Bp. Joseph Strickland; diocese of Tyler, Texas: "I would hope that during these three years, we can work to evangelize all the politicians, to have an army of Catholic politicians who are truly committed to every aspect of living as the Body of Christ."

Bishop Joseph Strickland is receiving leftist backlash after calling to repentance those who vote against Catholic values. 

In a tweet, over the weekend, Strickland posted part of the Family Research Council's Voters' Guide for Christians, which outlines the differences in Republican and Democratic platforms.

Heterodox Catholic writers like Massimo Faggioli, John Gehring and others ridiculed the bishop for his truthful stance.

Faggioli reposted Strickland's tweet, saying, "Sounds like a parody but unfortunately isn't."

Gehring remarked Strickland is "in the wrong business" and "there is nothing Catholic" about the bishop's tweet.

Jesuit priest Jeremy Zipple dismissed Strickland for not "remembering the poor."

Bp. Strickland: "I can't remain silent as too many in our nation and our world vigorously promote abortion. I must speak for the babies. The murder of unborn children is the preeminent issue and it leads to many other evils."

The Republican Party and the Catholic faith are by no means synonymous, but no person of goodwill could vote for the Party of Death. 

Bishop Strickland has been one of the most outspoken prelates on the preeminence of abortion relative to other issues. 

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