Lefty Mag Profanes Crib to Push COVID Vax

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by Jules Gomes  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 4, 2021   

Publication smears top Thai-German doctor for telling truth about virus

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HAMBURG, Germany (ChurchMilitant.com) - A historic left-wing German publication has infuriated Catholics after it profaned the Nativity scene in its Christmas issue, using it to promote the Wuhan virus vaccine.

Stern's anti-Semitic picture of Trump giving a Nazi salute

Hamburg-based Stern magazine distorted the picture of a traditional manger by depicting the three kings offering the baby Jesus an oversized bottle of the U.S.-German Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

The infant Jesus in the painting seems to welcome the gift of the vaccine as cherubim watch from above and Mary and Joseph look gratefully at the serum offered to the Christ Child.

The title of the cover story reads: "Vaccinating an Act of Charity — What You Need to Know Now."

Below, a second article by economist and psychiatrist Stefan Brunnhuber warns readers: "Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist."

Speaking to Church Militant, the founder of St. Boniface Institute, Alexander Tschugguel, said he was familiar with Stern, "a well-known leftist German magazine."

"The picture is blasphemous. It is revolting to see the most holy scene of the Nativity used for political propaganda. But it's natural for a leftist magazine to cannibalize Christian art, beauty and theology to push its diabolical agenda," the Austrian political activist remarked.

"You can already spot the lie when a leftist publication pontificates about Nächstenliebe (charity or brotherly love), something socialism is inherently opposed to," Tschugguel noted.

"The main goal is to compel us into taking the vaccination, which is itself plagued with problems. First, a number of the vaccines use aborted fetal cells. Second, there is the coercive power of the State bulldozing its citizens into being vaccinated," explained the Catholic convert (who shot to fame after dunking the idols of fertility goddess Pachamama into the Tiber River during the 2019 Amazon Synod).

"Abortionists always say, 'My body, my choice,' but they lie because the baby is not their body. In this case, it is really my body, and it should be my choice if it comes to a vaccination," he commented.  

Warning of impending vaccine totalitarianism, Tschugguel described how the Austrian chancellor was threatening Austrians they would not be free to travel, eat out or visit the theatre or museums unless they were vaccinated.  

"In Austria, every person — not just those who have a passport — was informed of an online vaccination passport where people can look up online if you have been vaccinated. This will be used to destroy every possibility of a normal life for those who reject a vaccine," he pointed out.

It's natural for a leftist magazine to cannibalize Christian art, beauty and theology to push its diabolical agenda.

"In contravention of Spanish law, Spain's health minister, Salvador Illa, has said he will create a registry of those who refuse to be vaccinated, which will be shared with other European countries," Tschugguel said.

Stern goes on to compare vaccine dissidents to Nazis who "suspected that vaccination campaigns were [orchestrated by] Jewish doctors who wanted to enrich themselves" and to 19th-century people who told stories about monsters eating children.

Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explaining the "false alarm" of the Wuhan pandemic

While commending the vaccine as an act of "solidarity," especially "when conspiracy narratives gain power," Stern attacks world-renowned Thai-German medical doctor, microbiologist, virologist and immunologist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi as an example of a conspiracy theorist who spreads "absurd fantasies" that "go beyond all scientific facts."

Stern has previously targeted Bhakdi, emeritus epidemiologist from the University of Mainz, who with his wife, Prof. Karina Reiss, published the runaway bestseller Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures in German, Italian and English.

Alexander Tschugguel in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

Despite his stellar scientific credentials, Stern categorizes Bhakdi among "corona critics who often do not proceed scientifically."

In Germany and Italy, more and more doctors, researchers and epidemiologists are voicing agreement with Bhakdi and Reiss, upsetting the status quo among supporters of the draconian lockdown and vaccine regimes.

"Human experiments are underway with gene-based vaccines whose ominous dangers have never been revealed to the thousands of unknowing volunteers," warn Bhakdi and Reiss.

"Depending on the country and region, 0.02 to 0.4% of these infections are fatal, which is comparable to a seasonal flu. SARS-CoV-2 therefore must not be assigned any special significance as a respiratory pathogen," write the researchers.

"The vaccination causes side effects that are very serious. Half of the young, healthy people taking the jab had fever, chills, muscle aches, aching limbs, headaches and they fell sick," he says. "So if you give this to elderly people with pre-existing conditions, I don't want to imagine what will happen to them."

"The mRNA encapsulating it can cause very serious allergic reactions," Bhakdi adds, noting that "the vaccine also causes an explosive immune overreaction to subsequent naturally occurring infections."  

"Tests done on animals for SARS-CoV-1 showed that there was amplification of the immune system reaction to the disease. The animals who were vaccinated nearly died. There is an immense danger," the professor explains.  

Bhakdi and Reiss elaborate:

A further immense danger looms that applies equally to mRNA- based coronavirus vaccines. At some time during or after production of the viral spike, waste products of the protein must be expected to become exposed on the surface of targeted cells. The majority of healthy individuals have killer lymphocytes that recognize these viral products. It is inevitable that autoimmune attacks will be mounted against the cells. Where, when, and with which effects this might occur is entirely unknown. But the prospects are simply terrifying.

"No gene-based vaccine has even received approval for human use, and the present coronavirus vaccines have not undergone preclinical testing as normally required by international regulations," write Bhakdi and Reiss.

Human experiments are underway with gene-based vaccines whose ominous dangers have never been revealed to the thousands of unknowing volunteers.

Mainstream media and platforms like Wikipedia are attempting to discredit Bhakdi, calling him "a prominent exponent of ideas about the coronavirus pandemic" that run "counter to the scientific consensus," and social media outlets are said to be deleting his videos and lectures.  

In 2017, Stern triggered a firestorm for an anti-Semitic cover picture of President Donald Trump draped in the American flag giving a Nazi salute.

The feature was titled "Sein Kampf" (His Struggle), echoing the title of Adolf Hitler's autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). The story was subtitled "Neonazis, Ku-Klux-Klan, racism: How Donald Trump fuels hatred in America."

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