Legal Firm Tackles Gay Lobby’s Lies

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by Anita Carey  •  •  May 7, 2018   

'The New Normal' brings together a team of experts

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LONDON ( - A British campaign organization is confronting the LGBT agenda's misinformation head-on with a new book and online resources. 

Published as a followup to a 2016 conference to discuss the transgender agenda, Christian Concern has published The New Normal, a book "to help bring some clarity to society's current confusion about gender and sexuality." The eight authors hope to help educate the public and influence debate on the subject.

Christian Concern reports surveys have found most people feel "ill-equipped" to respond to debates on LGBT issues. Schools and families are being left to fight the battle to protect traditional views of marriage and biological gender on their own. By providing resources and educational materials, they are hoping to infuse a Christian worldview into the public debate on a number of issues including family, pro-life, religious freedom and bioethics. 

Their sister organization, Christian Legal Centre (CLC), helps defend Christians' rights to live their lives in accordance with their faith in the public sphere. The CLC took up the cause to help save Alfie Evans' life. 

The New Normal Resource Hub was developed to help people wade through the issues of gender ideology. The site brings together scientific research, personal accounts and expert commentaries, even recommending prayer intentions. 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, hosted three of the eight authors at a book launch at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity last week. Williams explained the real-world effects the LGBT agenda has on families and how gender ideology is being used to undermine parental rights. 

Williams told of parents Nigel and Sally Rowe who are challenging a Church of England school policy that penalizes children who do not "believe a transgender person is actually a 'real' female or male." The Rowes' young son was upset and confused when a six-year-old classmate started presenting as a girl. In a video statement explaining their actions, Sally Rowe said, "We've seen first hand that our child has come home confused." The school stood by their policy and warned their son could be guilty of "transphobic behavior" if he didn't refer to the classmate with the proper pronoun. 

The New Normal Book

Despite supporting the school for four years, the Rowes pulled their children and began to homeschool them. To warn other "unsuspecting" parents, they started a petition, now signed by over 13,000 people, asking the secretary of State for Education to challenge the policy, calling it "an attack on freedom of thought, religion and speech, as well as parental freedom." 

At the book launch, one of the contributing authors, Dr. Peter Saunders, chief executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship, described the "real and distressing" condition of gender dysphoria. Saunders decried the lack of long-term research into the safety of puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones. 

Doctor Saunders noted the medical profession has left a scientific view of treating gender dysphoria by shifting treatment toward surgical interventions rather than treating the underlying psychiatric disorders. He said these treatments were given for "ideological" reasons, not scientifically proven treatments. 

Walt Heyer, a former transgendered woman and founder of, explains that between 60–70 percent of gender-confused patients also suffer from comorbid disorders that are not addressed by "cosmetic surgery." He explained the 40 percent suicide rate in transgendered people that has been nearly constant for the past 100 years shows that sex-change surgeries do not cure gender dysphoria.

Heyer also noted, "Medically speaking, there is no such thing as gender dysphoria." He said the condition is based on the patient's subjective "feelings" that are subject to change over time. His advice is to "have your strong feelings — you'll grow out of it."

Contributing author Robert Lopez, a professor at the International Children's Rights Institute and a former homosexual, then explained how he was pressured into a promiscuous homosexual lifestyle and how the gay rights movement "had only succeeded in abusing and damaging people." Lopez wants Christians to be "bold" and speaking the truth about the gay agenda, warning the gender ideology movement will only hurt more people.  

In 2016, Lopez left his tenured position at California State University, Northridge, after being "harassed and vilified by students and peers" for standing up for conservative issues. In an opinion piece published shortly after he left, he said the choice between his relationship with Jesus Christ and his job "was not that difficult." He said salvation and happiness are rare things and explained, "when you grow accustomed to leaning on tenure for your protection, you forget that you should rather be leaning on God." 

Carys Moseley, a policy researcher for Christian Concern, the third contributing author to speak at the book launch, explained the history of transgenderism. She traced its roots back to Magnus Hirschfeld, a German Jewish "sexologist" who founded the world's first gay rights organization, Scientific Humanitarian Committee in 1897. Hirschfeld also pioneered the theory that gender was determined at birth. He viewed homosexual men as a "woman's soul trapped in a man's body."

Moseley also attributed the gender ideology movement to John Money, the infamous doctor that convince David Reimer's parents to raise him as a girl after a botched circumcision. Money subjected the boy to brainwashing sessions and even sex-reassignment surgery. Reimer reported these sessions as "tortuous and abusive" saying he never identified as a girl. Reimer reverted to living as a boy when he was fifteen and began speaking publicly about his ordeal in 1997. Reimer later committed suicide. 

This story was updated on 5/8/2018 to correct the description of Christian Concern. 

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