Parishioner’s Letter to Heretical Priests: Stop!

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by Fed-Up Parishioner  •  •  March 30, 2021   

Whose voice normalizes sin?

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A parishioner who wishes to remain anonymous has had enough of heretical preaching and shares this letter with Catholic clergy.

Week after week, sins that cry out to the Lord for vengeance are normalized from the pulpit. Sins of the flesh are no longer regarded as things to be battled — either internally or externally — but rather, they are accepted as "normal" and are spoken of constantly by our shepherds and leaders, to the point where the flock is so used to hearing about them that few think of them as sinful anymore.

Practice of homosexuality and abortion

But why stop at normalizing homosexuality? Why not include marital infidelity? Or polyamorous activities? Or pedophilia? Or bestiality? The sins of the flesh are endless, and, one after another, we can just get used to them and accept that they are a part of human nature (and therefore to be accepted and normalized from the pulpit). We all suffer from our own demons of sinful inclinations and temptations. Shall we just accept all of them as "beautiful," "normal," "loving" expressions of our "nature" that can't be helped and which therefore must be tolerated and eventually supported?

Our shepherds have been utterly complicit in the practice of abortion, excusing and even elevating leaders who promote the murder of innocents — up to and including at the moment of birth. We hear the message that, while we may personally be opposed to such evil, we are not entitled to do what we can to stop it because it does not directly affect us or our bodies. We are not taking the blame for the murders of those innocents due to our "personal opposition" excuse. But, by that logic, where will it stop? Have you personally committed infanticide? Have you personally committed euthanasia?  Have you personally murdered another human being? No? Then have you come to believe that as long as you are "personally opposed" to such things, you are not to blame if you begin normalizing their supporters from the pulpit?

Do you think that because you personally do not commit abortion or murder of the defenseless that your part in the sins committed by others will not cry out to the Lord for vengeance? 

You know they tend to be obedient, and they do not feel comfortable confronting the shepherds of the Church. But do you bother to listen to their concerns?

In your rush to prove that you do not judge the hearts of others, you rush to judge the hearts of those with real concerns about the sins of this increasingly sinful world. You take an aggressive stance against faithful (but still imperfect) members of your own flock who have legitimate concerns about issues such as illegal immigration and racism of any kind — including against those whose relatives may have been racists at one time. Have you simply taken the politically correct and expedient path at the pulpit to assume all who have concerns are racists? These people belong to your flock also, you know. Each is an individual, not to be thrown together to be victimized by bigotry of any kind. You feel comfortable with pushing them further and further to the fringes because you know they tend to be obedient and they do not feel comfortable confronting the shepherds of the Church. But do you bother to listen to their concerns, or do you just pat yourselves on the back for a job "well done" when the politically correct fawn at your words? 

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Do you approve of human trafficking, rape, drug cartels, murder, extortion and forcing people into indentured servitude? Because the unvetted crowds entering the country (as these very people will tell you if you bother to listen to them rather than the propaganda that is constantly fed to an awaiting audience) are infiltrated by some people with wicked agendas. The good people are endangered, and with their entry into this country, they bring those same sources of endangerment to our own families and our own neighborhoods.

What do you think happens when evil comes to our neighborhoods? Does it come to the affluent neighborhoods, or does it affect our own poor and struggling classes? Does concern about these things make one racist, or does it indicate compassion? 

Racism turned around 180 degrees at another group is still racism.

How do I know? I am of mixed heritage, and I have now been victimized by racism aimed at both of my sides during my lifetime. I have a clear view of what it looks like and the damage it does, and this current racism and bigotry toward the light-skinned people is exactly the same as it was when aimed at my dark-skinned side.

I am the voice of the obedient to the Lord, who are beginning to see clearly that obedience to the Lord may mean we will have to do the unthinkable.

You will notice that I am not signing this letter because "who" is writing this does not matter.

I am the voice of the voiceless. I am the voice of those who hungered to visit the Lord in His places of worship to taste the graces we received of His body when it was taken from us. 

Not one red cent

I am the voice of the obedient to the Lord, who are beginning to see clearly that obedience to the Lord may mean we will have to do the unthinkable and go against our ingrained instinct to obey all of the shepherds of the Church.

I am the voice of those who have been sidelined to the fringes of society and who now sit in fear of speaking out because we have seen the vicious attacks against those who do speak out. We are those who still think it is important to continue in the battle against our own sinful natures as we hear the sins that cry out to the Lord for vengeance normalized to the point of promotion from the pulpit week after week.

I am the voice of parents and grandparents who see the tremendous and lasting damage that the normalization of sins of the flesh is doing to our younger generations.

I am the voice of parents and grandparents who are concerned with the future of so many families that have recently been taught and convinced that Mass is not really "essential."

And if none of that bothers you in the least, then know this: I am also the voice of those who have been giving financial offerings to the Church but who now wonder at the morality of continuing to support an institution led by many morally sick and degenerate individuals. And note well that more and more are giving directly to the poor and needy so we at least know that what we are supporting is a true offering to the Lord.

Whom are you the voice of?

--- Campaign 32075 ---


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