Cardinal Blocks LGBT Activism in Prague

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  August 3, 2015   

Cardinal Dominik Duka says no to dissident American religious sister

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PRAGUE, August 3, 2015 ( - Prague's archbishop, Cdl. Dominik Duka, has blocked a local parish from hosting two gay pride events during the city's gay pride parade.

The parish, the Academic Parish of Prague, along with a gay advocacy group called Logos, was going to hold a discussion on the alleged bullying of people with same-sex attraction. The discussion would've featured American dissident Sister Jeannine Gramick of the pro-LGBT New Ways Ministry, a group that's already been condemned and restricted by the Church.

There was also going to be a screening of a film about a homosexual priest.

Both plans were cancelled, however, at the order of Cdl. Duka.

Apparently, the gay pride parade's broader affiliation with positions that defy Church teaching on homosexuality and sodomy caused the cardinal archbishop to nix the parish's coordinated events.

The parish's pastor, Msgr. Tomas Halik, has taken the news with docility.

"We respect the decision and we will return to a necessary academic discussion and an open dialogue about this issue later, under more favorable circumstances," he stated.

While Msgr. Halik still seems to think "dialogue" with pro-gay activists can be beneficial, he doesn't see the need for it in Prague. "I believe that such events make sense in Russia where homosexuals are subjected to persecutions," he says, "but hardly in our country where nobody is persecuting them."

Despite all plans at the parish being terminated, the leader of Logos' chapter in Prague insists the events themselves will still be taking place elsewhere, only now without the cooperation of the Church.


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