LGBT Conference Canceled in Fresno Diocesan Congress

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by Michael Hichborn  •  •  October 9, 2018   

Bishop to investigate St. Paul Catholic Newman Center

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FRESNO, Calif. ( - The diocese of Fresno canceled a workshop on homosexual inclusion in parishes after Church Militant revealed that the presenter of the workshop was an active participant in pornographic pride parades in 2017 and 2018.

A workshop titled "Becoming a Welcoming Parish to LGBTQ Persons," which was scheduled to be given during the 2018 Fresno Diocesan Congress, is listed as "canceled" on the diocese's event page. Church Militant spoke with a representative of the diocese, who confirmed that the workshop had indeed been canceled.

Catholics who were upset about the workshop being given to CCD, RCIA and confirmation instructors contacted Church Militant asking for help investigating and exposing the serious problems with this workshop. Investigations revealed the following:

Fresno-area Catholics have also informed Church Militant that Bp. Ochoa has promised "a full review of the LGBTQ ministry at the Fresno Newman Center." In an email exchange regarding the recent discoveries, Mary Cardona, Bp. Ochoa's executive assistant, wrote:

Bishop Ochoa has given direction to cancel the Congress Workshop as soon as he became aware of the activities that go beyond the parameters of St. Paul Catholic Newman Center's ministry that was intended to be comparable to the two companion ministries of "Courage" and "Encourage."

Bishop Ochoa will be meeting with the ministry leadership as soon as possible to bring everything under review.

The former pastor of the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center was Fr. Geoff Farrow, who revealed his own homosexuality in 2008 and is now acting as a same-sex 'marriage' activist, performing sodomitical 'marriages.'

A thorough investigation of the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center's activities appears to be well-timed, considering further information local Catholics have provided to Church Militant. According to an email in reply to Cardona:

This past Sunday evening Mass at the Newman Center included a Solidarity Sunday during which people were asked to stand in support of the self-identified gay and queer female speaker who was actually applauded by many people present at Mass. The priest clapped too. There was also a table with handouts, banners and stickers promoting LGTBQ grandson, a child, was also present and encouraged to take a sticker.

Catholics should contact Bp. Ochoa to thank him for taking swift action in canceling the workshop and to encourage him to completely sever all diocesan relationships with the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center:

Main phone number: (559) 488-7400

Office of the Bishop Most Reverend Armando X. Ochoa, D.D.

Executive Assistant: Mary Cardona

Vicar General/Moderator of the Curia: Rev. Msgr. Raymond C. Dreiling, V.G.

Executive Assistant: Cheryl Sarkisian

Chancellor: Teresa Dominguez


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