LGBT Forces Attacking Poland

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  August 24, 2021   

Catholic Poles resist

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CZĘSTOCHOWA, Poland ( - From the northern part of the country to the south, LGBT forces are continuing to assail Poland in an attempt to bring this traditionally Catholic nation to heel.


LGBT activists in Poland holding the 
Black Madonna rainbow halo image

(Photo: Dziennik Zachodni)

On Saturday, despite being refused permission by the town hall, an estimated 200 LGBT activists took to the streets of Częstochowa in southern Poland. Częstochowa houses Poland's most revered icon of the Black Madonna in the monastery of Jasna Góra. The participants of the "3rd Equality Parade" carried rainbow flags and, once again, the profaned image of Mary with her child, Jesus, sporting halos in rainbow colors.

A significant police presence, including officers on horseback, kept opposing factions apart.

An observer on the ground in Poland, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained to Church Militant why Poland remains a special target of the international LGBT movement:

They are assailing Poland because they have (almost) finished with Ireland, and now Poland as the biggest Catholic country in Europe is their next target. Besides they (or those who are behind them) would benefit from homosexual 'victims,' and they know very well that Częstochowa is a sacred place for Polish people. Can you imagine what would happen if someone was provoked into hitting an LGBT activist?

Leader of a Polish youth organization, Bartlomiej Czuchnowski, also described the marchers as provocateurs. 

"This is a clear provocation because LGBT circles have always been anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, you can even say," Czuchnowski told the Associated Press. "So their march in this direction, into the heart of the Polish nation, into the heart of Polish Catholicism, is an open provocation."

This is a clear provocation because LGBT circles have always been anti-Catholic, anti-Christian.

The LGBT activists planned their protests to coincide with the traditional march of thousands of pilgrims from all over Poland who ascend the heights of Jasna Góra to pray and repent before the Holy Icon. 

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Members of Catholic Action in the archdiocese of Częstochowa, who appealed to the city to take measures to prevent the offending of religious feelings and publicly insulting the Mother of God, prayed at the statue of Mary at the monastery in counterdemonstration.


The Catholic Action praying 

(Photo: DziennikZachodni)

The group carried a sign reading "Non possumus," a Latin phrase meaning "We cannot," exclaimed by early Christian martyrs who defied Emperor Dioclesian's order forbidding their honoring of the Holy Eucharist and paid the ultimate price.

Polish patriot and journalist Robert Bąkiewicz announced legal action is being taken against the profanation of the Black Madonna.

"On Monday, we will submit a notification to the District Prosecutor's Office in Częstochowa regarding the offense of religious feelings," Bąkiewicz asserted. "We will not compromise on the most important matters."

LGBT marches have descended on Poland in recent years with the COVID pandemic making only a minor dent in the effort. In August 2020, many cities and towns were swarmed with demonstrations. The one in Warsaw, supported by the leftist mayor Rafał Kazimierz Trzaskowski, saw the beloved statue of Christ in front of Holy Cross Church vandalized; activists placed a rainbow flag and an Antifa mask on the statue.

A parallel demonstration to the one in Częstochowa took place in Gdańsk, a city in northern Poland on the Baltic sea. It was attended by the city's mayor, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, who applauded her city's rainbow-illuminated town hall last November. She was accompanied by ambassadors of some European Union countries interested in seeing Poland's capitulation to LGBT leftist ideology.

Legal action is being taken against the profanation of the Black Madonna.

This is destined to be a battle to the finish, with LGBT forces seeking nothing less than Catholic Poland yielding to the rainbow flag. But faithful Poles — like the early Christians — are refusing to kneel to anyone but God and His Holy Mother.

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