LGBT Leftists Defile Warsaw’s Past

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  August 4, 2020   

Obscene provocation continues

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WARSAW, Poland ( - LGBT activists are profaning the anniversary celebration of a landmark event in Polish history just days after desecrating a beloved statue of the martyred Christ along with other monuments in the nation's capital.

An LGBT activist perches on a balcony to taunt onlookers

On Saturday, the LGBT community initiated several incidents during the 76th memorial of the Warsaw Uprising. But one, in particular, is generating a media storm — that of a gay activist stooping on a balcony and making obscene gestures toward those participating in the patriotic ceremony.

"This is how leftism 'pays tribute' to the Warsaw insurgents. This is total foulness," said one commenter.

This is "a hideous provocation of an LGBT activist," said another.

"Non-human animal or an animal-human," wrote the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the actions of the activist in a video that had gone viral.

"Does anyone still have illusions about the nature of LGBT activities?" another observer remarked.

This is how leftism 'pays tribute' to the Warsaw insurgents. This is total foulness.

Desecrating the Warsaw Uprising represents a highly personal attack for most Poles. The historic event involved a heroic battle in 1944 that pitted an outnumbered, underwhelming Polish Home Army against powerful German forces. The lost battle resulted in the deaths of thousands of Poles and, ultimately, decades of Soviet occupation, which only ended during the reign of the Polish Pope St. John Paul II.

Just days before Saturday's vulgar reaction by activists, Leftist vandals marred the historic statue of the martyred Christ that stands in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw. The vandals wrapped a pink mask with a feminist-anarchist symbol across the face of Christ and tied a rainbow flag to Christ's Heavenward-pointing arm.

The historic statue of the martyred Christ defaced

The anarchists placed a manifesto on the pedestal beneath the statue, which threatened, "We solemnly pledge to provoke."

In lofty-sounding-yet-vulgar language, the manifesto further declared:

In remembrance of the fallen in the fight with daily hatred, those who had enough strength to leap in the dark. Giving faith in a better future to those whose freedom and security was [sic] taken by the state. Calling for an open war against discrimination. Telling not to ask, not to beg for respect and mercy anymore. This city belongs to all of us. F *** ck you ignoramuses.

The manifesto, which was also posted on Facebook by one of the vandals, explained why they "decided to take action." The violence will be stoked, their post promised, "as long as I'm afraid of holding your hand. As long as the last homophobic truck is on our streets."

Following Saturday's obscenities, the archbishop of Warsaw, Cdl. Kazimierz Nycz, appealed for an end to vandalism:

The desecration of the historic statue of Christ, "Sursum Corda," at Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw caused pain for believers, parishioners of Holy Cross Church and many residents of the capital for whom the statue of the Savior carrying the cross became a symbol of hope in the most difficult days of the Uprising. I appeal to respect the religious feelings of believers, regardless of their views. Let us stop using acts of vandalism and crossing borders in public debate.

Cdl. Kazimierz Nycz

Catholic Poland has, of late, been battling a takeover by LGBT and leftist forces. The recent presidential elections are a case in point.

One faction is represented by Polish president Andrzej Duda, who is noted for his advocacy of pro-family values, marriage between a man and a woman and respect for the Polish national and religious heritage. His opponent, Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, on the other hand, has enjoyed a close relationship with the "rainbow" activists. Notably, he has been photographed with LGBT activists on their marches and has promised them "incredible things" as mayor.

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski of Krakow, Poland, described the onslaught of LGBT ideology as "a siege from the 'rainbow disease' of LGBT activism." One year ago in a homily marking the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Abp. Jędraszewski compared current LGBT activism to the communist domination of Poland after World War II.

The archbishop said that, once afflicted with the "red plague" of Soviet communism, Poland is now afflicted by the "rainbow" plague of LGBT ideology, which denies human dignity and aims to control the souls, hearts and minds of the Polish people.

In an interview with, Prof. Piotr Jaroszyński, philosopher of culture at the Catholic University of Lublin, described the recent spate of LGBT attacks as "a relapse of Bolshevism." Jaroszyński warned Poles of repeating the errors of communism:


Prof. Piotr Jaroszyński

(Photo: Lech Pilarski)

For decades there have been physical abuses over graves and monuments. Crosses have been broken, figures have been smashed, so this is the transition to a fight — more subtle, because there is no physical destruction yet — but the meaning and purpose of the attacks is exactly the same, so it has to be called the "Bolshevik relapse."

Not everyone found the activist's gesture cringeworthy. Minister of Parliament Barbara Nowacka came to the defense of the activist by demanding explanations from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, whose officers sought to remove the provocateur from his perch.

Warning the public to expect continued provocations by leftist LGBT forces — like that of the man on the balustrade — Jaroszyński said, "We are dealing here, whether we like it or not, with certain dynamics, [as] the fight [against LGBT] continues."

He concluded, "You have to take part in it. Engage wherever you can, mark your position, because the left wing feeds on anxiety and on various provocations. We cannot be surprised every time that they do this, because they will do a lot more."

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