Italian Psychologist Found ‘Not Guilty’ of Defaming Gays

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  December 4, 2017   

Dr. Silvana De Mari cleared for branding homosexuality a pathology

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TURIN, Italy ( - A prominent Italian doctor has been found not guilty of defamation for declaring homosexuality a pathology.

After months of deliberation, a Turin prosecutor has cleared Dr. Silvana De Mari of charges, citing "the impossibility of identifying the individuals who would have possibly suffered injury from the claim."

Specializing in psychotherapy, medicine and surgery, in recent years De Mari has gained a wide following on Facebook and through her personal blog, where she covers controversial topics, everything from the devaluation of masculinity to the necessity of safeguarding civilization by defending Christianity.

In January, De Mari took to Facebook to post unsettling statistics on sexually transmitted diseases in the gay community.

The post attracted the attention of Italian radio show La Zanzara, which invited her on air to discuss her data. The conversation provoked such a commotion that the psychologist was featured twice more on air.

De Mari's original Facebook post read:
The recent numerous epidemics of primary-secondary syphilis registered especially in Western Europe have as main risk factors: homosexuality (45–90 percent). ... As confirmed by literature, the co-infection of syphilis-HIV in homosexuals goes from 10 percent to 70 percent in many clinical studies. ... While we wait until the authors of these studies are accused of homophobia and expelled from their respective medical boards, we need to acknowledge that if the health hazard involved in male homo-erotic behavior is serious now, we can only imagine what it was like before antibiotics and condoms.

For discussing the health detriments of active homosexuality, De Mari was accosted by Italian gay rights groups.

As Church Militant reported in March, Gay Lex, a coalition of LGBT lawyers and judicial activists, demanded De Mari's be suspended from the Turin Board of Physicians for allegedly "employing her skills against the right of homosexual patients."

The LGBT movement, elected by nobody, representative of nobody but themselves, is daring to challenge freedom of speech. ... We will not allow that.
In quick succession, gay activists launched an online petition against De Mari, blocked her Facebook page and rallied sympathizers to launch a letter-writing campaign against her.
Public LGBT representatives, including the coordinator of Turin Pride and director of the Turin Gay and Lesbian film festival, trashed De Mari as a "homophobic" victimizer.
Lesbian website Lezpop denounced her as "an oppressor trying to portray herself as a victim, who doesn't even seem to care about the fact that she risks being expelled from the medical board."
Notably, though, not a single one of them were able to present evidence to counter De Mari's assertions. Facts trumped feelings.
Despite activists' outrage, De Mari was undaunted. "I have been taking care of homosexual persons for 40 years," she said, "And I love them very much."
--- Campaign 32076 ---
"But homosexuality does not exist," she declared, consistent with her usual pull-no-punches approach. "Sexuality is the way of biology to create successive generations through the encounter of male and female reproductive cells. Without the encounter of male and female, there's no sexuality. If I masturbate, that's self-erotism, not sexuality. Therefore, gay people are asexual and homoerotic."
Returning fire, De Mari spotlighted the threat to free expression gay activists pose: "The LGBT movement, elected by nobody, representative of nobody but themselves, is daring to challenge freedom of speech."
"We will not allow that," she vowed. "I am honored to be part of a family that has combatted Fascism. ... I am used to courage."
"Do you see what is happening today with our total indifference?" she asked. "Mankind has gone from papal infallibility to the infallibility of the American Psychiatric Association. If they establish that homosexuality isn't a disorder of nature, they can very well establish that neither is pedophilia."


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