Liberals Spread Racism

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  February 25, 2021   

Critical Race Theory Expands

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The father of critical race theory, Derrick Bell, jokes, "Until White people get smart, Black people can't get free."

Racism against White Americans is perverting the culture. The party of so-called unity and inclusivity, instead, categorizes all Whites as supremacists.

Robin DiAngelo:

As long as we define racism as individual, intentional acts of meanness, then I would agree with you that most White people are not racist. But when I'm talking about the racism that I have, the racism that you have, it's the result of living in a society where racism is the foundation.

Law Professor William Jacobson of Cornell University is educating the public on which universities — over 200 — are taking part in the toxic critical race theory.

Jacobson told Tucker Carlson, "Anti-racism does not actually mean what people think it means. It actually is very racist. It is current discrimination in order to remedy past discrimination as the ideology."

Jacobson's website,, uses an interactive map so concerned parents can be forewarned of which schools would teach their children how being White is supposedly racist.

Included in the list, among other Christian schools, are Jesuit-founded College of the Holy Cross, Loyola University Maryland, and Marquette University.

Marquette, in particular, has a long history of trying to cancel conservatives such as student Samantha Pfefferle, who says, "They called Trump racist, and since I support him, that makes me racist."

And the school promotes leftist clergy. Guest speaker Fr. Bryan Massingale, for instance, tells people that speaking out against systemic racism is a moral imperative.

Massingale: "We have to name where we've been responsible by commission and omission — how we have allowed racial divisions to fester. And it's not enough to say, 'I didn't do it.' We also sin by our failing to act. What haven't we done? What haven't we said that's contributed to our racial divide?"

President Trump attempted to crack down on Obama's racist policies in the federal government that had begun as anti-White, anti-American training.

Biden, however, has reversed Trump's protections for everyone, pitting race against race, and is reinstating the psychological abuse of forcing White people to view themselves as inherently immoral.

Conservatives are working to safeguard human rights and prosperity for all Americans. The battle is uphill, however, as entertainment and education have banded together to keep Americans divided.

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