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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  January 21, 2019   

Media wrongly attacks Covington Catholic pro-life students

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Reports are now showing that Covington Catholic High School students were wrongly vilified in fake news churning from mainstream media outlets like CNN that attempted to paint them as racists.

Pro-life students wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats were attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday when they were approached by a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips. Phillips walked directly up to one student, Nick Sandmann, while continuing to beat his drum just inches from the young man's face. Left-leaning media were quick to paint the pro-life and Trump-supporting students as racist and cruel to a Native American. The backlash was intense while leaving the story unverified.

On Saturday, one student sent a letter to a news station near their home in Cincinnati, Ohio where the school is located and told the students' side of the story. He begins, "I am a student at Covington Catholic and was present at the occurrence. Here is what truly happened."

In the midst of our cheers, we were approached by a group of adults led by Nathan Phillips, with Phillips beating his drum. They forced their way into the center of our group. We initially thought this was a cultural display since he was beating along to our cheers and so we clapped to the beat. … However, after multiple minutes of Mr. Phililps beating his drum directly in the face of my friend (mere centimeters from his nose), we became confused and started wondering what was happening. It was not until later that we discovered they would incriminate us as a publicity stunt.

The student, wanting to set the record straight, continued:

To reiterate, we did not partake in any physical or verbal abuse … After that initial occurrence, we were then verbally assaulted by four or five African-American men who called us "faggots" and berated one of our African-American students for being friends with us. The truth needs to come out. I pray that you read this.

Media pundits are now siding with Covington Catholic, and even Fox News is clarifying that video recordings show mainstream media got the story completely wrong. Leftist media, meanwhile, dutifully ignored the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers who, for the 46th year in a row, gathered in the nation's capital to protest the slaughter of some 70 million babies. The slaughter continues and is largely financed by taxpayers.

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