Detroit Pro-Lifers Turn Out in Force for Life Chain

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by Aaron Maxwell  •  •  October 4, 2016   

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WOODHAVEN, Mich. ( - On Sunday, October 2, 29 years after Life Chain began, people turned out in force once again to protest the killing of the unborn and to honor those who have been murdered.

One of the locations where people gathered was along the streets of Woodhaven, Michigan in metro Detroit. Church Militant was on the scene to show our support and interview other pro-lifers.

About 60 people turned out Sunday and stood holding signs reading: "Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation," "Abortion Hurts Women," "Pray for an End to Abortion," "Adoption: The Loving Option" and more. Some held their signs in silence to honor the unborn, while others prayed.

Church Militant asked those gathered what role they believe contraception plays in the advancement of abortion, and whether contraception is sufficiently addressed in the pro-life debate. One man commented that he believes that contraception lets people think they can have sex whenever they want, which results in unwanted pregnancies, which then lead to abortions. He said contraception is spoken of too little among pro-lifers.
A woman at the event said that contraception "enables sexual immorality, the great evil in our times," and that we nee to turn back to the morality God has established if we are to fix our country. She also remarked that she believes there isn't enough talk about the wrongs of contraception in the pro-life movement.

As people were passing by witnessing the event some shouted their support, a handful hurled insults, while others stopped out of curiosity to ask questions and to learn more.

One 20-year-old named Joshua drove by and decided to stop and ask questions. "I stopped mainly because the sign said that it [abortion] hurts women," he told Church Militant.  

After explaining to him the harmful psychological effects of abortion on women, Joshua remained talking for approximately 20 more minutes, admitting he had learned things he'd never known before.

Life Chain is an annual gathering on the first Sunday of October where pro-lifers across the United States and Canada line the streets showing their support for life and for an end to abortion.


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