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by Martin Barillas  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 19, 2020   

Undeterred by 'hatred' of fellow Dems

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FLINT, Michigan (ChurchMilitant.com) - In interviews with Church Militant before and after the Nov. 3 election, lifelong Democrat Maurice Davis said he does not regret having endorsed President Donald Trump, despite what he described as the "hate" on the part of Democrats and his community.

Democrat Maurice Davis

On Oct. 29, Davis warmed up a crowd for Vice President Mike Pence, who made an airport campaign stop in Michigan. Calling for Trump's re-election, Davis told the crowd: "Right now, the narrative [has] been spent — President Trump is full of hate. Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate."

Saying that even though as a black man he once voted for Hillary Clinton, Davis said, "This year I decided to go with President Trump. I'm not a bootlicker, I'm not an Uncle Tom."

What Have You Got to Lose?

Davis, who serves as vice president on the all-Democrat municipal council of Flint — a Rust Belt city that has seen better days — told the hometown crowd, "When Mr. Trump said, 'what the hell you got to lose' he was talking to me." He continued, "Only thing Maurice D. Davis has got to lose is a council seat and $700 every two weeks."

What he wants, Davis said, is "instead of being a divided state of America, it's time to be the United States of America."

More than half (57%) of Flint residents are black, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2018, at least 60% of its children were poor, as were 39% of its residents in general, making Flint the most impoverished city of its size in the nation. It ranks in 15th place this year among cities of more than 50,000 residents for violent crime. Following the departure of factory jobs in the mid-1980s, Flint has seen endemic unemployment and outmigration. Businesses and homes are abandoned, leading to decay and a fiscal crisis.

Trump Support Under Wraps

In a post-election interview, Davis said that he expected opposition from Democrats. But, he said, "More and more people are coming out that they really favored Trump, especially a lot of young folks. A lot of people kept it secret because they didn't want to be ridiculed for it."

Instead of being a divided state of America, it's time to be the United States of America.

When asked about Trump supporters' reluctance, he said "Just like Biden said, 'You ain't black if you vote for Republicans.' A lot of people were raised that way, and they've got to break away from that mentality because Democrats don't do nothing for black folks. It's sad, but it's true. They disown you and disfellowship you because you vote Republican." In contrast, he said that he has found support and friendship from Trump supporters.

Born and raised in Flint, Davis is a professional jazz musician, independent businessman and supporter of Second Amendment rights. Representing Ward 2 in Flint, he was first elected in 2017. He has a podcast on Facebook where he has dissented from Democrat dogma. Before endorsing Trump, Davis was facing a recall effort, as is fellow Democrat council member Santino Guerra, and criticized for suggesting that to control crime, gas stations and liquor stores should close as early as 9 p.m.

Now we got the Black Lives Matter, LGBT, and I'm not supporting that stuff.

Davis said, "I didn't know no different" than to be a Democrat. Having asked himself why Flint did not change for the better over time, Davis said that once he was elected, "I opened my eyes."

Pulpit Not Expressing Shared Values

Davis voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but said that she was "the last straw," having realized that he shares the values of "Christian-believing" Republicans. "Abortion, anything you wanted to do, you could do as a Democrat. And that's when the lies became plainer, and I decided I can't do this no more," he observed, adding, "Now we got the Black Lives Matter, LGBT, and I'm not supporting that stuff. That's what did it for me."


Mayor of Flint Sheldon Neeley

(Photo: KT Kanazawich / Flint Beat)

Davis said that no local elected officials have supported his change of heart. City Mayor Sheldon Neeley offered police protection, Davis said, which he turned down. Questioned by reporters from legacy media that he had been assaulted, he dismissed the rumors as "fake news."

Despite support privately expressed by fellow Christians, Davis said that local pastors have assailed him. "Everything behind the pulpits is not of God. Satan is the master deceiver. He's the father of lies," Davis said, adding, "They are wolves in sheep's clothing."

'Race-Baiting' Revs Up Hatred

For Davis, "race-baiting" is another trait of Democratic Party tactics. "Trump is no racist. He gave money to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton." And despite the millions of federal dollars that have come to Flint, Davis said, it is not appreciably better off. "By using reason, Maurice Davis came down on the Republican side," he said.

Davis said, "Democrats are full of hate," and claimed "they've dumbed down the black community to point where it is just hate. It's clear that the ones who are racist and hateful are the Democrats," he observed, "and I'm black."

To resist Democrats in the future, Davis said that he will "stand strong" and tell people "I told you so. Because it's going to take six months for them to realize that we had a real president in Washington compared to what they are putting in there."

For Davis, 'race-baiting' is another trait of Democratic Party tactics.

Davis denounced "fraud" that allowed Biden an apparent victory. He claimed that on Election Day, a poll watcher told him that he had to vote a straight ticket, either Republican or Democrat. "That's a lie," Davis said. "There were people there who made sure that everybody voted Democrat," Davis said. "There was plenty of intimidation going around," Davis said.

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When asked how Flint can improve, he said, "What would have to change is the self-hatred. I've been guilty. But people, quit believing! Go by what people do and not what they say. God uses what He wants to do to bless us. So, He is using President Trump to bring about change that we haven't ever seen."

Bitterness has spread in the black community of Flint, Davis said, after President Barack Obama's promises failed to materialize:

Black folks have heard so much hate, they don't know whether to listen to the salvation that's being had through God and through Trump. It reminds me about when God told Moses, "Go tell Pharaoh to let my people go." But it's like they want to sit there in Egypt because they don't believe God; just like when God was on Mount Sinai, while Moses was up there, they were worshipping another god.

Davis averred, however, that "God always offers a way out." He said, "Trump is on the right side of politics."

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