Lightfoot Preaches Profanity

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by Fr Paul John Kalchik  •  •  July 5, 2022   

Chicago mayor incites unrest

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Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot is whipping Chi-Town's LGBT rabble into action — and using some choice words in the process.

Justice Clarence Thomas

Lightfoot, during Chicago's June 26 gay pride parade, addressed a mob from a stage set on Halsted Street in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood.

In her rant to the boisterous throng at her feet, she railed against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court's decision that overturned 1973's Roe v. Wade. Enraged as she clearly was, Lightfoot let the F-bomb rip — repeatedly — to wild applause from the LGBTQ mob.

Lightfoot ranted, "F*** Clarence Thomas! He thinks that we are going to stand idly by while they take away our rights." 

As disturbing as it was for Lightfoot, as mayor, to use vulgarities in a public address, even more alarming is her personal attack on a court justice, addressing him not as his honor but with one F-bomb after another. Her attack on the Supreme Court and the rule of law was earth-shattering.

Lightfoot is one hot mess, and no city, nation or country needs a character like her.

It would be no surprise to me if Chicago had a major earthquake in the near future, as godless as the metropolis has become. God will not be mocked, nor will He permit the laws he bequeathed upon humanity to be ridiculed. In 1811, the Midwest suffered a monumental earthquake that devastated large swaths of the mid-continental United States. There are no guarantees of such a natural phenomenon not happening again. Why mock God when there are no such guarantees against natural disasters?

Aftermath of The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Everyone knows Chicago burned to the ground in 1871 in a similar lawless and godless period of the city's history. In the hot, dry fall of 1871, it just took a few sparks to set the burgeoning metropolis on the prairie aflame. What's to stop Chicago burning to the ground a second time? There are more than a few incendiary characters jettisoning sparks in their wake.

Chicago has long passed its heyday as a clean, all-American city. In the last decade, thousands have fled the crime-riddled, drug-infested godless center of the Midwest for places more amenable for raising a family and doing business. Why stick it out in such a hellhole if you don't have to?

With Lightfoot as Chicago's sitting mayor, it's no surprise that, since she took office two years ago, Chicago's murder and crime rates have broken all-time records. As mayor, Lightfoot has wreaked havoc in the once-great city of Chicago through her pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-gun control, pro-jab, pro-BLM, anti-police policies. A city once known as the "city of big shoulders," a reference to Chicago's once-great workforce, is now known not for its great body of blue-collar workers but for its streets overflowing with violence.

News Report: Cupich and Lightfoot Hold Hands

You can't fault Lightfoot for her lack of chutzpah. Despite bringing Chicago to new lows, she recently announced she is going to run for another term! Does she really believe she has what it takes to lead the city? What a total lack of self-knowledge.

What Chicago needs now to turn it around is a man like Thomas Jefferson, who, over the course of his long life as a statesman, demonstrated over and over again that he was moral and had self-control and had a great respect for natural law. A woman who rants the F-bomb repeatedly in a public speech is not fit to govern. Nor is she fit to govern when she shows disdain for sitting Supreme Court justices and the laws of our great nation.

Lightfoot has demonstrated unlimited audacity in attacking her enemies. Have a look at the letter she wrote Sept. 20, 2018 to Cdl. Blase Cupich, just after she announced she was going to run for office. As a nominal Christian and a non-Catholic, she had the nerve to demand Cupich remove me from my pastorate at Resurrection parish, which I had administered well for over 12 years.

 A woman who rants the F-bomb repeatedly in a public speech is not fit to govern.

In the spring of 2018, we had 77 young people receive the sacrament of confirmation. To accommodate this large number, we had to have two confirmation Masses! That May, we also had a similar number of young people making their first Holy Communion. A few months later, I had to flee from Chicago in the fall.

Lightfoot, not ever having met me, nor ever stepping foot into Resurrection parish, complained that I was a "hater!"

Apparently, to gain popularity with Chicago's large LGBTQ community, she completely failed to check the facts. Among the questions she should have thought to herself: "Maybe, just maybe, my opinion of Fr. Kachik's suitability to work as a priest, to administer the Church's sacraments, does not matter one bit!"

The Vortex: A Priest in Hiding

My prayer is that in the fall 2022 election, Chicagoans en masse will reject Lightfoot. Her policies have proven to all be dead ends. And at the end of the day, who wants a failed mayor serving a second term?

Lightfoot is one hot mess, and no city, nation or country needs a character like her.

Instead of calming the malcontents and the lowlifes, she whips them up into a fury against Supreme Court justices and Catholic pastors. Those who voted for Lightfoot in 2019 got what they voted for: a lesbian who supports abortion and is all about the LGBT agenda. None of these are good for Chicago. If Chicagoans re-elect Lightfoot this fall, they will only get more of the same: sin, death and the continued destruction of the once-great city of Chicago.

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