Lightfoot’s Riot Compassion

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  June 4, 2020   

Chicago mayor shows no compassion for city's faithful

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Lori Lightfoot: "I want to discuss the events that unfolded across our city over these past few days — the steps that our great, resilient and strong city will be taking to recover and to heal in the weeks and months ahead."

Lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is showing compassion for rioters and looters in what some are calling flagrant hypocrisy.

In a Sunday speech she called for unity and healing in the city with tears in her eyes.

Lightfoot: "This is a time for us to unite. We have to turn our pain into purpose."

The move comes shortly she threatened to cite and swiftly punish Chicagoans who disobey her authoritarian lockdown orders, on May 3.

"And this is how it's gonna be. We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail, period," she said.

Despite specifically referring to house parties, her actions spoke even louder than her words when it came to churches.

On May 17, Lightfoot ordered Chicago police to block the entrance to a local Romanian Pentecostal church, placing temporary no-parking signs on the street and towing the cars of churchgoers who went against her as well as residents who had nothing to do with the church.

As of yesterday, churches will be allowed to reopen under the state's optional phase-three reopening guidelines advising only 10-person gatherings — guidelines Lightfoot delayed for nearly a week. 

Last weekend in Chicago, 84 people were shot and 23 were killed in the wake of fiery riots and mass protests, leaving Chicago's faithful questioning why she protects people destroying the city, but not them.

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