Los Angeles Protests Tyranny

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by Paul Aubert  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 13, 2022   

Thousands rally against COVID mandates

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LOS ANGELES (ChurchMilitant.com) - Thousands of freedom activists gathered in L.A. this past weekend to protest mandates for so-called COVID-19 vaccination.

Massive group of protestors in L.A.

The massive group of protestors, many of them truckers and firefighters, congregated peacefully for over six hours outside Los Angeles City Hall during the "Defeat The Mandates" rally.

Event organizers released a statement that explained the reason behind the protest:

Americans face growing censorship, and even risk losing their jobs and being deplatformed on social media, for voicing personal opinions that run counter to the ever-changing narrative of government regulatory agencies which have been captured by the pharmaceutical industry. Many feel that discrimination on the basis of vaccination status in countless facets of American life is un-American.

Musicians, celebrities, medical professionals, police officers, firefighters, blue-collar workers, schoolteachers and artists attended. Truckers coming from the "People's Convoy," an anti-mandate rally held in Washington, D.C. earlier this year, also participated.

We the people will not comply!

Vaccine scientist Dr. Robert Malone, author Naomi Wolf, comedian Jimmy Dore, former 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and musician Dicky Barrett headlined the rally.

Journalist Anthony Cabassa reported, "Over 7,000 Los Angeles first responders are set to lose their jobs over mandates." At the rally, a group of firefighters marched together, carrying the American flag and chanting, "We the people will not comply!"

A massive crowd of freedom activists carried flags and signs while taking part in the chants.

AP YouTube: Vaccine mandate protest in Los Angeles

A firefighter from New York, 31-year-old Paul Schweit, told Newsmax he has been suffering from unpaid leave for the past five months since he refused to comply with New York City's vaccine requirements.

Schweit observed regarding the COVID vaccine: "The people that held out this long believe that this is not about a shot; it's about the freedom to make the choice for yourself for your own bodily autonomy."

"We are 100% not anti-vaccine. We support the individual. We believe the threat to the individual is a threat to all freedoms of the people," Schweit added.

News Report: Trump Urges End to Mandates

The peaceful protestors advocated for an end to all COVID-19 mandates. The master of ceremonies of the event, Kevin Jenkins, energized the crowd by proclaiming, "We're here to reclaim our territory. We're going to regenerate the soil. This is our defining moment."

Los Angeles County already requires all city workers to be fully vaccinated unless they have an exemption. But a slew of bills supporting vax-related mandates is currently being pushed in the California State Assembly:

  • SB871, a bill drafted by House Democrats, seeks to mandate full vaccinations for all children 0–17 years of age without any room for exemption
  • SB866 would give minors 12 and older the ability to receive any FDA-approved vaccine, birth control and abortion without parental approval
  • AB1993 targets businesses by requiring all California employers to require COVID vaccination for their salaried workers and independent contractors
  • AB2098 would combat negative COVID media attention by disciplining medical professionals if they spread any "COVID-19 misinformation"

The bills fail to recognize there is no FDA-approved version of the so-called COVID vaccine available anywhere in the United States. They also overlook the jab's reported adverse effects and the lack of legal recourse available to those it harms.

Federal law explicitly prohibits a mandate.

Stating that recipients have the "option to accept or refuse" a product that is only available through EUA, or Emergency Use Authorization, federal law explicitly prohibits a mandate.

Further, critics have alleged that because the jab has minimal efficacy — and because effective early treatments for COVID are available — the jab doesn't even meet the requirements to retain EUA, a status that affords the drug companies a 100% shield against legal liability.

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