Majority of Canadians Support Prison Time for Opponents of Transgenderism

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  September 12, 2016   

84% of Canadians think law should punish anti-transgender "hate speech"

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VANCOUVER ( - A new study shows the majority of Canadians favor criminal penalties, including prison, for "anti-transgender" speech.

The non-profit Angus Reid Institute (ARI) released a study on September 7 showing 84 percent of Canadians approve the expansion of the Canadian Human Rights Act to encompass "hate speech" towards transgender Canadians.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced Bill C-16 in May, which legislates that any person engaging in public speech condemning or questioning transgender ideology can face up to two years in prison. The bill, which has been overwhelmingly supported by Catholic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has not yet made it through the Senate.


Despite the overwhelming acceptance of transgenderism as legitimate, the report finds that Canadians are not as liberal in allowing transgender people to use public bathroom facilities that coincide with their self-perceived gender identity. While 41 percent believe transgenders should be able to use the bathroom of their choosing, nearly 60 percent assert they must use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex, or that it depends on the specific situation of the individual.

The study notes that nearly 50 percent consider themselves "trans allies," while 15 percent are "trans opponents." Thirthy-eight percent call themselves "sympathetic but uncertain."

Nearly 70 percent of gay, lesbian and bi-sexual Canadians agree the media is giving too little attention to transgender issues. Almost 80 percent of Canadians believe the acceptance of transgenderism is "a sign of social progress," with 70 percent believing the country is moving towards "a more fluid concept of gender." reported earlier that Prime Minister Trudeau is seeking to add a third gender on ID cards, and the ARI study indicates that nearly 40 percent of Canadians are in favor.

Canadian Catholic bishops are largely silent on the government's latest moves to regularize transgenderism. A few, however, are speaking out, including Bp. Frederick Henry of the diocese of Calgary. He made headlines in January when he called the government "totalitarian," in reference to new educational guidelines forcing Catholic schools in Alberta to accept LGBT behavior among students.

He condemned the guidelines for showing "no evidence of consultation with our sensitivity to the Catholic community."

"They breathe pure secularism," he said, declaring that they "smack of the madness of relativism and the forceful imposition of a particular narrow-minded, anti-Catholic ideology. Such a totalitarian approach is not in accordance with the Supreme Court of Canada opinion delivered ... and must be rejected."


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