Make the Vatican Straight Again, Part II

by Church Militant  •  •  December 7, 2018   

Spiritual fatherhood — the deepest masculinity — is the only way out of the Church's present crisis

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Editor's Note: The following is from a talk given by Milo Yiannopoulos in Palm Beach, Florida at David Horowitz's annual Restoration Weekend Nov. 15–18. The author offers candid insights into the clerical sex abuse crisis and the problem of active homosexual clergy, and discusses his own abuse as a teen at the hands of a priest. Publication of this article is not an endorsement of the author's personal lifestyle nor an agreement with same-sex marriage. We encourage readers to pray for Yiannopoulos.


(continued from Part I)

There are a few Catholic heroes resisting the incursion of social justice into their faith. I want to tell you about a priest in Chicago who recently defied his local bishop by snatching a gay rainbow flag that had been displayed in his church and burning in an "exorcism ceremony." He is one of the few priests prepared to stand up to the so-called Lavender Mafia of left-wing gay senior clergy.

What the Catholic hierarchy has done to him in revenge beggars belief. Let me tell you about it, because it I think it demonstrates how closely related the corruption in the Catholic Church is to the social justice incursions into universities, the media and elsewhere. You can see all the same things going on.

Now this rainbow flag wasn't any ordinary pride flag, but a flag that blended the cross with the rainbow — a symbol, say parishioners, that the parish's former pastor, the notorious Fr. Daniel Montalbano, had earmarked it as the new "gay-friendly" Chicago parish after his previous church, St. Sebastian, home to gay Masses, had burned down.

Montalbano, it is reported, was close friends with the leading left-wing Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who presided over a Mass with a rainbow flag draped over the crucifix. Montalbano died aged 50. He was found dead in a rectory bedroom in which he held gay sex parties. His body was discovered naked and hooked up to what journalists are coyly referring to as a "sex machine." No one will tell me what this means, and as a nice boy from a good home I shudder to think. This was all covered up by Church officials, of course.

The parish's new pastor, Fr. Paul Kalchik, himself a victim of clerical sexual abuse, was protesting about the political statement the pride flag was making, especially in light of the gay sex scandal engulfing the Church. Kalchik is the face of heroism in today's Catholic Church, not just resisting the pederastic advances of the gay mafia but burning their standards.

Kalchik is the face of heroism in today's Catholic Church, not just resisting the pederastic advances of the gay mafia but burning their standards.

Kalchik had previously written a letter to Francis, as a former victim, begging the pope to act more decisively against abusive priests and those who shelter them and speaking about Chicago's gay mafia. Perhaps that marked him out for punishment: The two priests dispatched to discipline and threaten him for offending gay sensibilities were themselves both implicated in the Chicago wrongdoing.

Father Kalchik remains in hiding today, because his bishop threatened him with forced psychiatric assessment and even hinted at his death. Cardinal Cupich, the current archbishop of Chicago, who was appointed by Francis, threatened to have Fr. Kalchick evicted by police and thrown out on the street if he did not attend St. Luke, a treatment center whose former CEO was convicted of embezzling $200,000 and spending the money on his gay lover. ...

St. Luke's Institute

The journalist Rod Dreher, who has correctly called Kalchik a "martyr," quotes an unnamed priest whose grimly fascinating letter is worth quoting at length, about the sorts of malicious punishments that can be visited upon priests who step out of line with the politically correct consensus. It's amazing how neatly this maps on to the worst horrors in the media and on American college campuses.

St. Luke's has an alliance with the bishops. It's the bishops who pay the bill. When a priest goes there the priest must sign a release for everything he discusses to be turned over to the bishop and the diocese. So how is he supposed to deal with any real psychological issues he might have knowing that the data is going to be sent back to the bishop and put into files or even potentially released or used against him?

It's a coercive environment. It’s rigged against priests and the information can be used by bishops to continue to manipulate those priests for years to come, all under the guise of "I just want Fr. X to be healthy." What they are really after is reconditioning priests to act within a particular safe metric to avoid bad publicity or cause problems.

The priests are not actually in any kind of need of psychological assistance, but for the Diocese to continue to have them covered with liability insurance the insurance company puts pressure on the bishop for them to demonstrate that they have taken measures to lessen liability. … Months of incarceration and therapy with five years of outpatient programming is just such a program. All of this goes into the priest’s file and is held against him the rest of his career to be trotted out any time he gets out of line.

Notice, none of this has to do with the abuse of children … in the priesthood, you get the shame of six months of incarceration in a lock-down facility and forced psychological treatment that even these facilities know you do not need. This is happening in large numbers throughout the country to priests.

The clerical abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is just another example of a rich, well-insulated, elite left-wing Establishment consumed by coitus, corruption and cover-up. These people appear not to believe in anything at all except the pursuit of power and boys.

The so-called Lavender Mafia are scheming homosexual men who think the rules do not apply to them, and who have found a home with the occasionally naïve foot-soldiers of the Catholic Church, from whose citadels of power they can run amok. They resemble the corrupt, hypocritical regimes that dominate Hollywood, the academy and the media — all, not coincidentally, places where cultural Marxism rules supreme.

The most urgent problem the Church faces is that she needs more straight priests. We must make the Vatican straight again. The make-up of the clergy — by which I don't mean the shade of foundation your local monsignor slaps on before hurling himself at 17-year-olds — does not reflect the congregation. It is too gay. We are constantly being told that politicians and actors on television should be more "representative," which is the Left's code for "anything but white."

All that today's left-wing churches have to say about masculinity is that it is bad, it hurts women, men are properly the objects of fear, ridicule, and scorn, wherever possible male "toxicity" should be monitored, and boisterousness and overzealousness — critical components of healthy manhood — should be viciously punished.

Spiritual fatherhood — the deepest masculinity — is the only way out of the Church's present crisis. Sometimes that is going to mean being angry. Good dads don't abuse their kids, and they are prone to fury when they learn about other people doing it. Too many priests in the modern Catholic Church keep strength and masculinity hidden, or apologize for it, because they have such a complex relationship with their own. And too few priests have any sense of moral responsibility for their charges.

By the way, if you find me an odd messenger for a message of traditionalist reform in religion, well, you're right. But let me remind you what we normally call haughty, self-absorbed, cross-dressing gay Catholics wearing too much jewelry. We call them "Your Eminence." And let me also remind you that my criticism of abortion was so pointed that Hillary Clinton read out several of my headlines during the last election. I've been more public and more forceful on the subject than 99 per cent of bishops.

The thing about being Catholic is you don't go to church because you think you're a good person. That's a Protestant thing. Ours is a Church for sinners. And when people say, "How can you be a gay Catholic?" I tell them: Buy my book Diabolical, because there are really good answers to that question in chapters two and five. The short answer is: I wouldn't dream of demanding that the Church throw away Her hard truths just so I can feel better about myself.

I wouldn't dream of demanding that the Church throw away Her hard truths just so I can feel better about myself.

There are far worse sins than those of the flesh. Self-righteousness is a much worse one, which at least places me ahead of my feminist and establishment Republican critics. For all my put-on bluster, Catholicism taught me the value of humility, even if it's not a virtue I practice as often as I should.

The real danger to our society is not merely a lack of virtue. It's a lack of heroism and a lack of understanding among younger generations about objective truth and beauty. There is a generation of young men without proper moorings who could be molded into soldiers of Christ, filled with that glad and angry faith by the right spiritual leader. To save the West, we have to bring these men back to the Church. And we have to bring them back now, while they are young and passionate, and begging for something on which to focus all that energy.

If men lose their bond to the Church, then the secular world, which will always be dominated by men, also loses its connection to the Church — and to Her truths. Pope Francis does not speak to these young men, whose faith is kept alive in spite of his spiritual guidance, not because of it. Without discipline and leadership, my generation and the one after it could easily topple into barbarism. Look to the East, and consider the perverted virility and malevolence of Islam.

Nothing can stand up to Islam like a newly invigorated Catholicism could. And only the Church can stand up to the truly satanic horrors of modern progressivism, which seeks to despoil, confuse, impoverish and uglify everything it touches, and whose latest manifestation, transgenderism, is little more than child abuse dressed up as cutting-edge tolerance.

Turning a blind eye to rampant gay sex among the clergy is how the Catholic Church ended up with a child abuser problem. That's not because gay men are more likely to be pedophiles. It's because if you a create a place where aberrant sexual behavior is systematically excused and even encouraged, you are going to attract people who have much worse, much darker perversions, because they know they can operate at lower risk. This is a problem of governance, and it's why the Catholic Church has attracted pedophiles and pederasts: It's somewhere they know they can get away with it, and the punishments should they ever get caught are almost non-existent, and kept entirely out of the public eye.

As we know from both religion and common sense experience of our fellow man, if you let one sin in, others will follow. Like a dam breaking, the smallest fissure releases a torrent. The reason the Catholic Church has become infected with these men is that it has had such a lax attitude to sexual immorality and disordered behavior — while cruelly and dementedly enforcing orthodox leftist political positions, obviously.

But, as shambolic and depraved as the Church has become, consider the benefits of Christianity in peoplels everyday lives. The more you look at the numbers, the more you realize Christianity just works. I would argue thatls because it satisfies a longing in the human soul that canlt be fully sated by anything else. It can be softened by a profound love. It can be temporarily transformed into something pleasurable with art and music. But it can only be satisfied, Christians would say, with worship of the Creator, Who gave us the capacity to love and to make beautiful art in the first place.

You don't have to be Christian to appreciate how much nicer people are to one another and to themselves when they get religion. Study after study has shown that religious people are less anxious and less depressed than other people. The more religious you are, the happier you get, the more time you spend with loved ones, and the more generous you are. Two-thirds of highly religious adults say they have donated money, time or goods to help the poor in the past week, compared with only 41 percent of the less religious. And 40 percent of highly religious Americans describe themselves as "very happy," compared with 29 percent of those who are less religious.

If we do manage to rescue the Church, is there going to be anyone around to make use of it? Well, as someone who has a pretty good track record when it comes to spotting and even kickstarting new youth movements, I'd like to share some insight with you today that might come as a bit of a surprise. Against everything the pollsters and experts will tell you, I think the West is primed for a bit of a religious revival. And I think it's the generation under Millennials, Generation Z, who might lead it.

Read Part III.


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