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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  •  May 20, 2022   

Even saints are smeared as queer

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It seems nothing is sacred anymore — even our canonized saints.

St. Joan of Arc is being depicted as gay

Discovery+ is advertising a new show to debut on June 2 called The Book of Queer. It's being billed as a comedic presentation of "queer history" (their term).

From the show's trailer, it appears St. Joan of Arc is being depicted as gay.

A number of other historical figures are in the show as well. But conspicuously absent in the show's trailer is Islam's prophet, Muhammad. Some religious figures, it would seem, are too holy to be mocked.

What is most revealing about these modern gay-friendly redacted histories of Western civilization's notables is that they have exploded since the advent of the internet. Articles are being passed off as the product of erudite research and study, but they are nothing of the sort.

The Book of Queer is nothing more than slick propaganda to promote sodomy for kids.

As a priest, I severely reprimand Discovery+ for its queerification of the saints.

The Book of Queer is nothing more than slick propaganda to promote sodomy for kids, is absolutely reprehensible and should be boycotted. There is no entertainment value in this material if their trailer is halfway representative of what the show will be like.

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By going through history and repackaging everything gay as upbeat and oh so fabulous, the makers of the show entice gullible youth to experiment with homosexual behavior.

But the show hides the true reality about gay sex, that, in addition to being painful — I speak from my lived experience here — is a very grievous sin for those who choose of their own accord to break God's commandments in this fashion.

Discovery+ productions are reprehensible and should be boycotted.

In Discovery+ promotional materials for the Book of Queer, one historical character they malign as gay is Abraham Lincoln. What boggles my mind is how they can get away with queerifying Lincoln, one of America's greatest presidents. In addition to ending slavery in the United States, he had a wife and children, all of which are thoroughly documented with pictures.

Discovery+ productions are reprehensible and should be boycotted by all right-minded men and women.

Granted, there is some evidence that certain historical figures, like Alexander the Great, may have been gay. In large part, however, these musings by so-called historians are only their own speculations. Some are rewriting history simply to justify their own lifestyles. Psychologists call this "psychological projection." But clerics like myself call it plain old lying.

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