Malta Archbishop Turns Blind Eye to Homosexual Parish Scandal

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by Church Militant  •  •  April 29, 2019   

On Abp. Charles Scicluna's double standard

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By Philip Beattie

There is more evidence that double standards favoring the homosexual agenda are at work in the archdiocese of the island of Malta, currently governed by Pope Francis' principal predatory priest investigator, Abp. Charles Jude Scicluna.

On the one hand, faithful Catholics who prayed the Rosary in reparation for the abomination of Malta's "Gay Pride" annual parade in Sept. 2018 were denounced by Abp. Scicluna's curia. On the other, a longstanding scandal in one of Malta's most important parishes involving a practicing homosexual layman's active involvement in parish liturgical activities continues to provoke controversy.

The homosexual parish scandal relates to one William Muscat, a former seminarian in the Malta archdiocese. It is reliably understood that Muscat was expelled from the archdiocesan seminary in Rabat by the then-seminary director, Fr. Jimmy Bonnici.

Muscat was found guilty in Malta's courts of cyber hacking his former alleged homosexual lover's computer.

On Sept. 20, 2012, Muscat, then 27, was found guilty in Malta's courts of cyber hacking his former alleged homosexual lover's computer, by taking unlawful possession of software data that included allegedly lewd homosexual images, together with copying or modifying the latter's computer software and passwords.

This criminal case was instituted by the Maltese police force against Muscat, who was given a three-year suspended prison sentence by the Maltese Courts. It is certain that Abp. Scicluna was made aware of his case ever since Scicluna's consecration as coadjutor bishop of Malta in Nov. 2012.

William Muscat, who hails from the town of Mosta, has been active for several years in the Mosta parish church as a senior acolyte. The parish church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was elevated to the status of a basilica by Abp. Scicluna in 2018.

Over the past three years, clothed in liturgical vestments, Mr. Muscat has carried the traditional tintinnabulum (little bell) in solemn processions organized by the Mosta basilica. His current homosexual partner is known to have accompanied these processions in recent years, taking photos of Muscat. Over the course of 2018, Malta's current archbishop participated in two processions during which Mr. Muscat has processed carrying the tintinnabulum directly in front of the archbishop.

In spite of tolerating Mr. Muscat's active homosexuality at the parish, the same Abp. Scicluna had no problem disassociating the Maltese Church from a public Rosary rally of reparation organized by a lay Catholic conservative association, Pro Malta Christiana, in Sept. 2018. Pro Malta Christiana organized the public prayer of the Rosary in Malta's capital, Valletta, on the eve of the annual "Malta Gay Pride" parade held on Sept. 15.

In a strongly worded press statement, the Maltese Archdiocesan Curia stated that Pro Malta Christiana "does not form part of the Church in Malta and each person must bear the responsibility for its actions. The Church respects people of all sexual orientations and recognizes the dignity of each and every one."

The Catholic group replied through the press that it was an obligation of the Catholic faith to offer public reparation to God for what the Catechism of the Catholic Church terms "an intrinsically disordered condition" and to pray for the conversion of sinners.

Additionally, Abp. Scicluna has so far failed to disassociate the Church in Malta publicly from the pro-homosexual statements made by Fr. Kevin Schembri during the recent popular TV program "XARABANK," which was aired on Malta's state television on March 8. The priest was sent as the archbishop's representative to state the Catholic position on homosexuality.

Father Schembri stated on the program that homosexuals "are born this way," this "being part of God’s plan." He added that homosexual relations are perfectly normal "so long as they are based on true love."

Father Schembri stated on the program that homosexuals 'are born this way,' this 'being part of God’s plan.'

Since the program's airing, the Maltese curia has been bombarded by scores of e-mails by confused Maltese Catholics asking for a doctrinal clarification. The archbishop's silence may arguably be construed as an implicit confirmation of Malta's episcopal double standard when it comes to treating Catholics who oppose the homosexual agenda in Malta as compared to those promoting this agenda. His treatment of Pro Malta Christiana compared to his silence on Fr. Schembri's televised remarks speaks volumes.

This situation is extremely grave in view of the fact that Abp. Scicluna has been appointed by the current pontiff as Adjunct-Secretary for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, while Fr. Schembri is the Maltese curia's Defender of the Marriage Bond for matrimonial nullity cases in Malta.

Several Maltese Catholics, alarmed by this disturbing trend in Maltese ecclesiastical circles, have started asking questions:

  • Is sodomy no longer a sin for the Church in Malta?
  • Why did Abp. Scicluna expressly send a heterodox priest to represent him and the Maltese Church on a TV program discussing the issue of homosexuality?
  • How can a high ecclesiastical personage who now forms part of the Vatican's institutional watchdog charged with defending orthodoxy in doctrinal matters remain silent in the face of heresy by one of his priests in his own back yard?

It's also worth recalling that Malta's present archbishop in 2017 allowed a homosexual group that campaigns for the Catholic Church to accept homosexual "marriage," sodomy and adoption of children by same-sex couples to operate unofficially in the archdiocese of Malta. Drachma LGBTI, which labels itself "Catholic," was given formal permission to hold meetings in Maltese Catholic parishes, retreat centers and in the Catholic chapel of the country's only university. In 2014, Abp. Scicluna presided at a eucharistic celebration put on by the Drachma group aimed at ending "homophobia," with the front of the altar draped in a rainbow pride flag.

Church Militant reached out to both the Malta archdiocese and the parish in Mosta for comment but received no response.


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