Marian University: The Marxist Queering of a Catholic University, Part II

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by Michael Hichborn  •  •  December 18, 2018   

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Following publication of Part I of this series of articles, Church Militant received a number of comments from current and former students of Marian University. Some of the comments thanked us for exposing the problems, while others called us homophobes, asking, "How dare you?"

We've also received thanks from parents who were grateful to know about the beliefs certain professors were expressing on social media.

Our research has turned up support for homosexuality and transgenderism among at least 17 faculty members across seven disciplines.

In the first part of these articles, we explored the Catholic identity of Marian University and juxtaposed it with the social media statements of its professors, contradicting the very Catholic teachings the university professes to hold dear. In this second part, we continue to explore the immoral and anti-Catholic ideologies professed by Marian University's English department, theology and philosophy department, its multicultural program and its theater department.

The purpose of these articles is to bring to light the grave danger to impressionable students that exists when college professors espouse views completely inimical to Catholic moral, social and theological teaching, especially on a campus claiming adherence to the Catholic faith. As we explore the professed beliefs of these university teachers, we are laying the foundation that explains the campus-sponsored pro-homosexual activities we will reveal in subsequent articles. And no greater example of grave danger to the subversion of the faith and morals of the students can be found than in Dr. Arthur Canales.

Arthur Canales is identified as an associate professor of pastoral theology and ministry at Marian University. Among the courses he teaches are: "Moral Issues," "Sexual Minorities & Christianity: Theological, Moral, and Pastoral Implications" and "Ministering within the LGBTQ Community."


His research interests include, "Questions and concerns regarding LGBTQ theology, spirituality and sexuality of adolescent and young adults." He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles regarding ministry to sexual deviants, including: "Ministry to Transgender Teenagers (Part One): Pursuing Awareness and Understanding About Trans Youth," "Ministry to Catholic LGBTQ Youth: A Call for More Openness and Affirmation" and "Ministry to Transgender Teenagers (Part Two): Providing Pastoral Care, Support, & Advocacy to Trans Youth."

In his paper "Assessing the Ministry to Catholic LGBTQ Youth: A Proposal for Catholic Youth Ministers to Provide Pedagogical Support and Pastoral Strategies," Canales makes several attempts to promote homosexuality and transgenderism as an acceptable identity for youth. Canales focuses on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops document "Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry" criticizing its lack of "pastoral care for LGBT youth." On page 17 of his paper, Canales recommends inserting the following lines, promoting sexual deviancy as an identity and even the acceptance of homosexual relationships:

  • Pastoral Care is concerned about the total person; about the full expression of young people's spirituality and sexuality.
  • Integrating our sexuality — whether heterosexual or homosexual — into genuine loving relationships is a matter of greatest importance for identity formation.
  • LGBTQ youth deserve and should expect competent and genuine pastoral care.

At the end of page 18 and the beginning of page 19, Canales doubles down on this idea, suggesting that homosexual youths in a homosexual relationship should be allowed to express their intimacy in a Catholic youth setting:

Equality toward LGBTQ youth does not simply translate as "being hospitable" toward LGBTQ teenagers. Equality should be a given with every human being. Equality means that two adolescent females (Linda and Lisa) can feel comfortable walking into a Catholic youth ministry setting holding hands just like two heterosexual teenagers dating (Gina and George) — without feeling judged, besieged, or badmouthed. Authentic equality is reciprocal between both sexes. There is no doubt that this scenario will thoroughly disturb the traditional youth minister (as well as some conventional parents), but this is genuine equality.

On page 20, Canales goes so far as to stand against moral correction for those who are tempted to sexual deviancy:

Authentic advocacy and genuine pastoral care cannot be in the form of: (1) trying to change a young person's sexual orientation, (2) pressuring adolescents to conform to societal standards of "normal" sexuality, or (3) thinking that God does not love them or does not listen to them because of their sexual orientation.

On page 24, Canales suggests showing R-rated homosexual films, several of which include nudity and graphic scenes of homosexual intercourse and rape, to Catholic teens.

On page 25, Canales recommends a series of presentations to be given to parents, leading to the last one bearing the title "Created for Love: What's a Committed, Loving Homosexual Couple to do?"

The rest of Canales' paper is much of the same. Given the brash promotion of blatant immorality, it is simply shocking that he would be permitted to teach a course on "Moral Issues," or anything else on a Catholic campus.

The following individuals are members of the English department of Marian University:

Marcia Eppich-Harris is an assistant professor of English for Marian University.

On Nov. 24, 2018, Eppich-Harris posted a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas" that promoted "reproductive freedom," which means promiscuity, contraception and abortion. In posting this list, she stated that the list was something "devoutly to be wished."

In June of 2015, Eppich-Harris posted a rainbow overlay on her picture in "celebration" of LGBT pride.

Ben Tebbe joined the faculty at Marian University in 2013. He is the director of Marian University Theatre and several courses in acting and theater production. On social media, he is very open about his support for homosexuality.

On June 5, 2017, Tebbe posted a "Celebrate Pride" image of himself.

Similarly, in 2015, Tebbe placed the rainbow overlay on one of his images in the month of June in order to "celebrate pride."

Shaquona Ellis identifies herself on Facebook as the "Multicultural Program Director," and her listing on Marian University's Student Activities page identifies her as "Graduate Assistant, Multicultural Programs."

Her Facebook "likes" include the following: Indy Pride, East Central Indiana - ECI Transgender Alliance, LGBTQ@Facebook, Sassy Socialist Memes, Change LGBTQ to SOGI: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

On June 1, 2018, Ellis posted a picture of herself with a rainbow overlay and the message: "Happy Pride Month!"

Mark Latta is Marian University's director of the Writing Center. On Facebook, Latta has posted support for homosexuality and transgenderism.

On Oct. 22, 2018, Latta posted an image titled "Being an Effective Trans Ally."

In June 2016, Latta posted an image of a rainbow button with the word "ALLY" written in the center, indicating support for the LGBT movement.

In February 2017, Latta wrote "Love wins" in relation to an article about a Marian University football player who declared that he is a homosexual.

Diane Prenatt is a professor of English for Marian University and is also the chair of the Gender Studies committee. Among her "likes" on Facebook is "Roman Catholic Women Priests," an organization committed to the already-condemned practice of ordaining women as Catholic priests.

On Nov. 13, 2013, Prenatt expressed pride in Indiana University's opposition to marriage being defined "as a heterosexual contract" by posting an opinion piece calling the decision as "disgrace." In the post, Prenatt calls the author of the piece a phallic sex toy.

In March of 2013, Prenatt expressed her support for same-sex "marriage" by posting the red equals sign on Facebook.

Aaron Wilder is assistant director of the Marian University Writing Center. Among his Facebook "likes" are pro-homosexual, pro-socialist organizations.

On Oct. 22, Wilder posted an image explaining how to be an effective "trans ally."

On June 11, 2017, Wilder announced that he is an ally of the LGBT movement.

On July 26, 2017, Wilder posted an image that says, "Trans people are not a burden." In his post, Wilder says, "To all my trans peeps out there… I'm sorry this has to be said. But we got your back."

All told, our research has turned up support for homosexuality and transgenderism among at least 17 faculty members across seven disciplines, revealing a clear and present danger to the moral and spiritual integrity of the students. In Part III of this series of articles on Marian University, we will explore campus activities that promoted homosexuality and transgenderism.

Church Militant reached out to Mark Apple, Marian University's vice president for marketing communications, but received no response.


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