Marian University: The Marxist Queering of a Catholic University, Part III

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by Michael Hichborn  •  •  December 19, 2018   

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In the first two parts of this series, we established a very serious problem at Marian University, a Catholic university rooted in the Franciscan tradition. In Part I, we established the contradiction between the Catholic identity expressed by Marian University with the grossly immoral and un-Catholic acts and statements of some of its professors. In Part II, we profiled several other professors, including Dr. Arthur Canales, who wrote that teenage children should be shown R-rated films that include nudity and depict graphic sexual intercourse between homosexuals.

It was necessary to establish in the first two parts of this series that there is a broad reach of pro-homosexual and pro-transgender ideologies being expressed by university professors in order to give context to the information to follow. As the saying goes, "personnel is policy," so as the beliefs of so many professors across several departments include the elevation of gravely depraved sexuality, this sentiment will eventually spill over into general campus life — and indeed it has.

On Oct. 11, Marian University's Speaking Studio sponsored a presentation called "Queering the Conversation: Reclaiming Words" featuring their openly homosexual professor, Michael Baumann.

As a part of this presentation, Marian University posted a series of video clips of students addressing what they believe being "queer" means, including this one of a student who claims to be "queer." In this clip, the student explains that as a queer, "being queer is being happy."

Bear in mind, these are not the private views of professors as expressed on social media, but an official university-sanctioned event on a campus claiming that Catholicism is at the very heart of campus life.

On Oct. 5, the Marian University Speaking Studio posted a clip of Shaquona Ellis, the head of the university's multicultural programs, stating that "queerness" means "having no limitations. So that means freedom of expression, just being true to myself and just being free to being the person I'm meant to be."

In Part II, we spotlighted Ellis' social media activity supporting homosexuality and transgenderism. So in this one instance, we have a case where an official university event promoting homosexuality is being sponsored and encouraged by at least two of MU's prominent employees, one a faculty member and the other the head of a program.

The following photographic evidence was supplied to Church Militant by our source.

In June of 2017, Marian University's library put on a display in support of LGBT Pride Month.

According to our source, the display caused some heated debate on campus, leading to the display being taken down. However, after the display was removed, Vice President of Mission and Identity Adam Setmeyer and Assistant Provost William Harting then issued a formal letter declaring that it should not have been taken down.

In their letter, they wrote, "The staff of the Mother Theresa Heckelmeier Memorial Library have the full support of the Marian university administration to create displays for Pride Month."

Given that the administration of Marian University has stated its "full support" for the celebration of homosexuality on this self-identified Catholic campus, there can be no denial that the beliefs of the professors and administration staff identified in the first two parts of our series have used their positions to further their pro-homosexual beliefs.

Our source tells us that this same letter was affixed to the door of Dr. Canales, who also had a rainbow-flag "Safe Zone" poster that read "I am an ally" on it.

On March 1, 2017, the door of Dr. Deeb Kitchen, the assistant professor of sociology and director of peace and justice studies had a poster of "The Ultimate Mini LGBTQ Flag Guide" fixed to his door, just above a Palm Sunday palm cross.

The door of Rhonda J. Hinkle, Marian University's director of international student success and global engagement, was adorned with a rainbow-colored "all are welcome here" poster.

It should be noted that Hinkle also supported same-sex marriage on social media.

This picture of the sociology department's bulletin board includes the Human Rights Campaign marriage equality logo of the blue field with the yellow equals sign. It also has a sign that reads "love is love," a motto of the LGBT movement, and "women's rights are human rights," which alludes to contraception and abortion.

In Part IV of this series, we will continue to expose official Marian University sanctioned activities that promote homosexuality on campus.


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