Humanae Vitae Conference

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  June 22, 2018   

Michael Voris: 'You should be prepared to be martyred'

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During Church Militant's recent Humanae Vitae Conference, Michael Voris continues to warn Catholics they should prepare for martyrdom.

The conference in Sterling Heights, Michigan was headlined by Michael Voris, Alan Keyes, Christine Niles and Simon Rafe. During his morning talk, Voris told Catholics that society may be at a point of no return. "On a natural level," Voris said, "I don't know how any of this gets turned around."

He added that Cdl. Raymond Burke, former chief of the Vatican's highest court, along with others are all pointing to an impending martyrdom: "If you believe this, then you should be prepared to be martyred," he said.


This very point came up at a talk in Rome titled "Martyrdom for the Faith," where, in 2016, Cdl. Burke quoted Servant of God Fr. John Hardon, S.J.:

Catholicism is in the throes of the worst crisis in its entire history. Unless true and loyal Catholics have the zeal and the spirit of the early Christians, unless they are willing to do what they did and to pay the price that they paid, the days of America are numbered. 

The cardinal went on to point out that, besides learning their faith, the second response of the laity is witnessing to their faith by the way they live their lives. The "preeminent form" of martyrdom, as per Fr. Hardon, Cdl. Burke reiterated, is the "witness of catechesis in the home, while traveling, at work, doing business, exercising a profession, in whatever arena of human endeavor a Catholic is involved."

Speaking to those concerned about present confusion in the Church, Cdl. Burke proclaimed,

I urge them to deepen their understanding of the constant teaching and discipline of the Church and to make their voices heard, so that the shepherds of the flock may understand the urgent need to announce again with clarity and courage the truths of the Faith and to apply again with charity and firmness the discipline needed to safeguard the same truths.

As for the martyrdom of persecution, the cardinal explained,

A totally secularized government makes legal and even promotes the most grievous violations of the moral law, for example, procured abortion, euthanasia, so-called "same-sex marriage," human cloning and the wholesale destruction of human embryos for the sake of research, and now is trying to force Catholics and other persons of good will to cooperate formally in evil acts to the total violation of their conscience.

Cardinal Burke commented that this type of martyrdom may require from us government harassment, imprisonment, a loss of goods and even a "loss of tax exemption, with its disastrous effects on many apostolates of the Church, which may be the necessary result of holding true to our faith and the moral law."

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