Martin Justifies Sodomy

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  September 7, 2022   

Tells people to ignore condemnatory Scripture verses

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Jesuit Fr. James Martin is promoting a form of Protestant Scripture interpretation that tells so-called LGBT people to ignore passages condemning sodomy.

Church Militant's Rodney Pelletier explains the situation.

Fr. James Martin, S.J.: "For many LGBTQ people, the Bible can be a very scary thing, and it's not surprising with its condemnations of homosexuality."

On Sunday, Martin praised the Protestant Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann, a so-called minister of the heresy-ridden United Church of Christ.

He hailed Brueggemann's new article that was published over the weekend in Outreach, a so-called LGBTQ Catholic resource under the auspices of America Magazine.

Martin: "One of the reasons we hear more about the texts of 'rigor,' as he calls them, is that they are proclaimed so loudly by anti-LGBTQ people — rather than the texts of welcome, which are just as prevalent, if not more prevalent, in the Bible."

In the article, Brueggemann claimed the so-called texts of "welcome" are easily contradicted by other passages, but he writes them off, noting, "As often happens in Scripture, we are left with texts in deep tension, if not in contradiction, with each other."

The Bible verses condemning sodomy, he claims, are emphasized by many because of "our vested interests, our fears and our hurts," adding, "it is not difficult to imagine how a certain set of vested interests, fears and hurts might lead to an embrace of the insistences of texts of rigor."

What's also noteworthy is that the increasingly left-leaning Pontifical Academy for Life "liked" Martin's tweet.

In 2017, Pope Francis appointed Martin as a consultant to the Vatican's Dicastery for Communication. He recently renewed the appointment.

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