Martyrs From the New World to Be Canonized

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by David Nussman  •  •  October 10, 2017   

Dozens to be declared saints on October 15

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DETROIT ( - Pope Francis will canonize 35 saints on Sunday, including 33 martyrs from the Americas.

Among those to be canonized on Sunday are the Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala from the early 16th century. Three children in Mexico, Cristobal, Antonio and Juan, learned the Catholic faith at a Franciscan mission and were murdered in the late 1520s for practicing the Faith.

Cristobal, also known as Cristopher or Cristobalito, was severely beaten and then burned to death by his father, a tribal chieftain, for converting to Christianity. Cristobal's death was in 1527 at the age of 12.

Antonio was the grandson of a chieftain, and Juan was his servant. After converting to the Catholic faith, they volunteered to help some Dominicans evangelize and were killed by a mob in 1529 for evangelizing and removing pagan idols.

The Martyrs of Natal, Brazil, will be canonized on the same day. Jesuit priest Fr. Andrea de Soveral and diocesan priest Fr. Ambrogio Francesco Ferro were martyred in 1645 in two separate attacks by Dutch Calvinists. The attacks also killed a total of 28 laypersons.

Dutch Calvinists stormed a Catholic church during Holy Mass on July 16, 1645, killing Fr. Soveral and some of the laity. On October 3, a large force of Dutch soldiers and Native Americans raided Natal and cruelly slaughtered Fr. Ferro and a number of the laity.

Fr. Faustino Míguez

Also to be canonized on Sunday are 19th-century Spanish priest Bl. Faustino Míguez and 18th-century Capuchin friar Bl. Angelo D'Acri. 

Father Míguez was a member of the  Piarists, also known as the Scolopi Fathers. This religious order is known for their commitment to providing affordable Christian education. He professed solemn vows in 1853 and was ordained a priest in 1856. The holy priest worked with children, the poor and the sick. He founded a religious congregation, the Pious Calasanziane Daughters of the Divine Shepherdess, to provide education to illiterate girls and women. 

Friar Angelo D'Acri was a Capuchin friar in southern Italy. He took the habit in 1690 and became a priest in 1700. He was known for his excellent preaching and exhibited miraculous gifts such as bilocation and reading souls in confession.

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