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by Paul Brock III  •  •  November 6, 2020   

The weapon of the Left

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Hillary Clinton denigrated Trump supporters at a fundraiser just under two months before the 2016 election. Trump responded by tweeting, "I think it will cost her at the polls!"

Two weeks after Hillary called half of Trump supporters "deplorables," voters strongly rejected her 'basket of deplorables' approach.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that 65% of registered voters thought the approach was unfair (notably, 47% of registered Democrats thought it unfair as well).

Trump, of course, went on to win the 2016 election and, embracing the insult, even gave a congratulations to all of the deplorables.

These bigoted slurs reveal what people really believe, and, nowadays for the Left, the slurs are out in the open and far from uncommon.

This kind of bigotry has been present in America for decades, but, as of late — particularly since the killing of George Floyd and in the run-up to the election — the Left has ramped up its weaponizing of language in a precise way.

Black Lives Matter, with the full-fledged support of the Democratic Party, has been leading the way in this weaponization.

BLM claims its mission is to "eradicate white supremacy." The organization also claims it's working for a world where "black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise." And if you don't agree with those false premises, you're labeled as a racist.

Ironically, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party don't recognize the black genocide that is abortion as de facto racist, but instead enthusiastically promote it.

Indeed, promoting the sanctity of life and other basic freedoms of man is considered bitter.

The Marxist Left has held these bigoted beliefs for a while now, but the stakes of this election have brought their anti-God, anti-life hatred out into the open.

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