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by P.J. Tumnus  •  •  October 12, 2019   

By their fruits you shall know them

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Our Lord tells us that you will know whether a minister of the Church is good or bad by their results, if the fruit of their years of ministry is good. Then you are blessed. But, if the fruit of their years of ministry is bad, then you are doubly cursed.

"By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?" (Matthew 7:16). It is very hard to find that good fruit as one looks around the Church today. We are not a Church abandoned by God, but a Church abandoned by a majority of its hierarchy who have left Her for the constructs of our enemy. Thornbushes and thistles abound in the vineyard of the Lord.

This is not news to the faithful disciple who has known for years that things are just not right in the Church. The official hierarchical Catholic Church has been so infiltrated over the last 60 years by Freemasons, communists and atheists that all fruits of these men's labors for this period of time are thoroughly rotten.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Billions have been paid out for the homosexual predation of its clergy. To help pay that bill, thousands of churches, schools, orphanages and hospitals, once thriving endeavors of the Church, are now shuttered or sold off for "profane but not sordid use."

These same men, the ones who participated in or covered up the scandalous behavior, are unfazed by the dissolution and death of the Roman Catholic Church and thus indict themselves by their nonchalance. We have heard them say many variations on the same themes, namely "it's not a massive, massive crisis" and "it has nothing to do with homosexuality; it's clericalism."

True, these men do not carry cards to state that they are official members of the Communist Party, (or interchangeably the Freemasons) but they don't need to. Men in control never have to show their IDs or their credentials when they go through security checkpoints — never. They are just waved in by the gayly clad security guards, to the determent of all.

For these communist wolves planted by Stalin's behest have taken over and destroyed the Church. They accomplished this by highjacking the Second Vatican Council and cleverly using its ambiguous documents in the council's aftermath, they accomplished this by their maligning of the Latin Mass and by their near elimination of the Church's official language, Latin.

And they accomplished this by their full-out denigration of the Blessed Sacrament to make it seem anything but what it really is, the body of Christ. Moreover, in their process of doing this, they emptied the Church's coffers through their wantonly sinful and immoral lives.

These are all indictments of "who" these men truly are and to "whom" their allegiances lie. None of these men need to prove that they are communists, they need to prove that they are Catholic.

Yes, we the faithful remnant are the true Church, but not the institutional Church, and that is what the world sees. The world sees only a facsimile of what the Church has been. What is left bears little resemblance to the Church as founded by Christ and is on a path to become even more unrecognizable. Would the Lord recognize these bishops and cardinals who are running the show now?

"Amen I say to you, I do not know you" (Matthew 25:12).

In 1960, the Third Secret of Fatima was supposed to be revealed to the public at large. Tragically, by 1960, the Church's hierarchy had already been so successfully infiltrated by card-carrying communists and Freemasons that they were successful in suppressing this secret.

Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart bleeds for all of humanity's folly. And the Church's hierarchy is unfazed, in spite of Fatima's great Miracle of the Sun and Mary's dire warnings on what would befall humanity if Her request went unheeded. Jesus warned His disciples that we would know these bad shepherds by their fruits.

What fruit is more rotten or diseased than the blatant rejection of Our Lord's mother? The sheer audacity of these men with their success at setting up a facsimile Church in the light of day and with everyone watching.

This is Cdl. Bernardin's true legacy, that millions have lost their belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Here in the United States, there were two principal architects of this new facsimile Church, a Church that Our Lord now would find hard to recognize.

In Detroit, it was Cdl. John Dearden, and in Chicago, it was Cdl. Joseph Bernardin. Just for fun, let's have a closer look at America's leftist "St. Bernardin." Bernardin almost single-handedly duped the faithful in America to accept the practice of Communion in the hand. This illicit mode of the reception of the Blessed Sacrament had already been popularized in the Netherlands immediately after the council.

And by the mid-70s, then-Abp. Bernardin of Cincinnati, head of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (now called the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) was positioned as chairman of this council to strong-arm the American Church to adopt this illicit, heterodox practice.

This is Cdl. Bernardin's true legacy, that millions have lost their belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. His sexual predation of minors and adults is also now known, but his name is not disparaged in the mainstream media, secular or Catholic!

As the Amazon Synod gets underway, it is imperative that the faithful pray for the integrity and purity of the Church. One great initiative in this vein is the Rosary Coast to Coast scheduled to take place on Sunday, Oct. 13, the 102nd anniversary of the Fatima Miracle of the Sun. Many faithful bishops are encouraging their dioceses to participate. Let's make this Rosary Coast to Coast the biggest ever with our most sincere petitions.

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