Mass Attendance Causes Immoral Voting

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  July 25, 2016   

Exposure to social justice preaching scandalizes voters into choosing the greater evil

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Polls show Catholics who attend Mass weekly vote more for the Democratic party with their immoral pro-abort, pro-gay agenda, than Catholics who are less observant.

Recent data from Pew Research Center shows 57 percent of Catholics who attend mass weekly are voting for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, despite her radical pro-abort, pro-gay and pro-transgender ideologies. At the same time, only 56 percent of Catholics who attend Mass less often are voting Democrat in the upcoming presidential election.

The same study similarly shows 38 percent of weekly Mass attending Catholics intend to vote for the GOP candidate, Donald Trump, while 40 percent, who are less observant, plan on voting for him.

Another group represented in the pole that professes biblical morality are white evangelicals. 79 percent of these Sunday churchgoers are voting for the Republican, Trump; 76 percent of white evangelicals who attend church less often are voting for the GOP nominee, Trump.

So why do Catholics who attend Mass less often vote for Trump more, and why is it when protestants attend church services less often they vote Democrat more?

It's no secret that American bishops push social justice issues, such as immigration and racial discrimination, far more than they have preached on intrinsic evils such as abortion, euthanasia and same-sex "marriage."

Two-thirds of Catholics today believe same-sex "marriage" is okay and abortion isn't as big of an issue as immigration. They get these ideas from sitting in the pews on Sunday from priests who get them from bishops.

Recently, Boston's ordinary, Cdl. Sean O'Malley, in a statement directed at Trump, isolated immigration as seemingly the only issue to consider when picking a candidate for president:

I think immigration is such an important issue, requires a lot of reflection. It requires people with wisdom to come together and talk about what is best for the common good. All of us need just immigration laws and a way of dealing with immigration that will not dehumanize people.

Nothing was said by the cardinal about the injustice of Hillary Clinton actively promoting unjust discrimination against the unborn by refusing them the right to life.

Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago is another example of social justice being placed on par with, or above, intrinsic moral evils. Responding to the videos released last year showing the horrific sale of body parts from aborted babies, Cupich commented,

While commerce in the remains of defenseless children is particularly repulsive, we should be no less appalled by the indifference toward the thousands of people who die daily for lack of decent medical care; who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism.

Democrats push social justice issues which have become the new moral center for Catholics and for the culture at large. The GOP last week generated on paper one of the most conservative platforms in history and are taking a stance against unrestrained immigration, government overreach in education and transgender social engineering.

Voting GOP is still the only moral option for Catholic voters. The Download panel discusses how the lack of personal morality is at the heart of this country's problem and how the political process isn't a solution until the clergy gets back to forming truly moral politicians.


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