Big Media Mad at ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  January 11, 2022   

Coordinated blitz tries to trash psychological case for pandemic hysteria

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ROME ( - Mainstream media, Big Tech titans and "fact-checkers" have launched a coordinated blitzkrieg against the term "mass formation psychosis" popularized by mRNA vaccine platform inventor Dr. Robert Malone

Meme mocking fact-checkers' attempts to discredit Malone

The designation used by Malone to unmask the global hysteria triggered by State-sponsored fearmongering over the China virus went viral after the scientist unveiled it on the Dec. 31 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, which was viewed by over 11 million people

The eminent vaccinologist repeated the term during his Vortex interview with Church Militant (published last Wednesday), crediting clinical psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet with developing the concept. 

The lecturer in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Ghent University, Belgium, is known for his research on "mass formation," having published 126 articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

Citing Desmet in his Substack publication on Monday, Malone summed up the four factors needed for mass formation psychosis: Masses of people must feel alone and isolated, their lives must feel pointless and meaningless, there must be high levels of free-floating anxiety and there must be high levels of free-floating frustration and aggression.

I don't see how people could claim that 'mass formation' doesn't exist.

Church Militant spoke to Prof. Mattias Desmet at the faculty of psychology and educational sciences. The researcher explained how all four factors have been met through the weaponization of COVID-19 by governments, media and the pharmaceutical industry. 

"I don't see how people could claim that 'mass formation' doesn't exist or has never been scientifically studied. The term just refers — it goes without saying — to the process of the formation of a mass or a crowd," Dr. Desmet noted.  

The researcher at the university's department of psychoanalysis and clinical consulting explained how "mass formation has been studied for over 200 years, beginning with such scholars as Gustave Le Bon, Freud, McDougall, Canetti, Hannah Arendt and, by the 20th century, psychologists such as Ash and Sheriff." Desmet went on:

Some of these scholars did explicitly use the term mass formation; others didn't. But what they studied was basically the same: the way in which an individual's mental state is influenced by their tendency to conform to group thinking. I have over 100 publications on Web of Science, a large part of them focusing on how individuals' personality structures are influenced by their relationships with others. 

Once you understand the basic mechanisms through which an individual's personality is in the grip of the opinion of other people, you understand the elementary mechanisms at work in this enormous psychological process that is happening when a mass emerges in a society.

In my forthcoming book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, I analyze and describe the way in which the psychological process of mass formation got stronger and stronger over the last two centuries and eventually leads to totalitarian thinking and the emergence of totalitarian states.

Big Tech Suppressing Information

Google search results for the previously unsearched term (mass formation psychosis) had a value of 0 until the end of last year, but spiked to a value of 100 on Jan. 2. A search for the designation yielded 21,000,000 results Tuesday morning. "A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term," Google explains.

The psyops is real. History proves the fact-checkers are completely wrong.

The tech giant issued an unprecedented warning that popped up when searching for the term: "It looks like these results are changing quickly. If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources."

Clinical psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet

The warning was dropped on Tuesday after mainstream media sources — many of them funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — published hundreds of hit pieces attacking "mass formation psychosis" as "complete nonsense," which has never existed or been scientifically studied.

Hours after searches for "mass formation psychosis" peaked on Google, the media pack mocked Malone for "pseudosciencing," with Chinese-owned Forbes leading the way by remarking that it was "a bit outrageous to suggest that people are maintaining COVID-19 precautions, such as getting vaccinated and wearing face masks, simply because of some type of 'psychosis.'"

The Associated Press — supported financially by the Lilly Endowmentexcoriated Malone for suggesting that "millions of people have been 'hypnotized' into believing mainstream ideas about COVID-19." The AP fact-check team says it works with Facebook and Twitter to combat COVID-19 so-called misinformation.

The Lilly Endowment, one of the wealthiest philanthropic endowments in the world, has assets consisting primarily of stock in Eli Lilly — the world's 14th largest pharmaceutical company (accused of price gouging over its insulin drug Humalog and of drugging America with its antidepressant Prozac).

Psychology has been used and is being used for nefarious ends, but the cat is out of the bag.

On Friday, Reuters dismissed "mass formation psychosis" as "not an academic term recognized in the field of psychology." The news agency's fact-check program, which has been labeled "a secular propaganda arm of Pfizer," claimed there was no "evidence of any such phenomenon occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Scientists Respond

Malone responded:

In this coordinated propaganda and censorship response, we can clearly see the hands of the BBC-led Trusted News Initiative, the scientific technological elite, the transnational investment funds and their World Economic Forum allies (which control Pfizer and most of big pharma), legacy media and Big Tech (and many national governments) acting in real time to suppress a growing awareness by the general public of having been actively manipulated using crowd-psychology tools to generate clinically significant fear and anxiety of COVID-19 (otherwise known as 'coronaphobia') to advance their agendas on a global scale. 

"The psyops is real. History proves the fact-checkers are completely wrong," psychoanalyst and author Dr. Bruce Scott told Church Militant. "Academic psychology departments have for years been studying group processes (in terms of altruism/sacrifice) as well as health-psychology methods (handwashing, vaccine hesitancy, etc.)."

Masks are used to enforce compliance

"Research has been done on adherence to clinical trials, how to get people onto them, to convince them and all, supposedly for the greater good. Psychology has been used and is being used for nefarious ends, but the cat is out of the bag," Scott commented. 

According to the Recovery campaign, the British government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies' behavioral-psychology scientists had strayed into "seriously unethical practice" by "actively stoking" fear and creating a "mental health pandemic," Church Militant earlier reported

Laura Dodsworth's A State of Fear: How the U.K. Government Weaponized Fear During the COVID-19 Pandemic confirmed that Britain's government had weaponized behavioral psychology and totalitarian propaganda techniques, reducing Britain to "one of the most frightened countries in the world" during the COVID-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, in his forthcoming book United States of Fear, eminent psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald is using the term "mass-delusional psychosis" to explain how the mental illness is "directly traceable to the climate of fear being stoked by public-health authorities and irresponsibly amplified by national media."

In a 1988 peer-reviewed journal article titled "Group Formation and Ideology: Text and Context" published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, psychologist Max Hernandez concluded that the idea of "mass formation" ("massenbildung") was first proposed by Sigmund Freud in 1913. 

"One clearly sees the reasons which explain the suggestibility of the masses as well as that of the hypnotized subject," Hernandez wrote, demonstrating how "the fundamental motivation of the phenomenon is that it emerges as a response to helplessness."

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