Matt Fradd Interviews Michael Voris

by David Nussman  •  •  October 3, 2018   

Catholic writer, speaker asks Voris about crisis in the Church, sex abuse scandal and other topics

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DETROIT ( - Catholic speaker, author and podcaster Matt Fradd sat down for a video interview with Michael Voris.

Fradd spoke with Voris about what it is like to have so many fellow Catholics accusing Church Militant of being "divisive" and not speaking "charitably."

In reply, Voris alluded to the "divisive" tone of many of the Old Testament prophets, adding, "There's this a question of directness. And I think there is this funny review of us that, since we don't talk all nice and very Senator Jeff Flake-like, that, therefore, nobody would pay attention to us or listen to us, and wouldn't be attracted."

The two also spoke about the ongoing clerical sex abuse scandal, controversies in reporting on the Pope, the founding of St. Michael's Media and a slew of other subjects.

At one point, they discussed how some Catholics, including Fradd himself, had come to appreciate Voris and Church Militant in the wake of the McCarrick scandal.

Later in the interview, Fradd said about the sex abuse scandal, "We tried not holding our priests' and bishops' feet to the fire last time around, didn't we?"

He added that it took investigative work from "The Boston Globe and others" for bishops to feel the pressure to try to address the sex abuse scandal.

Voris commented on how the sex abuse crisis in 2002 eventually led to the establishment of lay abuse prevention training programs, such as the VIRTUS program. "It wasn't the laity raping altar boys and getting kids drunk in rectories and assaulting them," Voris said. "Why are the laity involved in this?"

He referred to abuse prevention programs that focus on the laity's behavior as "sort of an institutional sidestep."

Voris told Fradd about "all of the stories we have in the hopper here," emphasizing that the sex abuse crisis is not solely a relic of the past. Voris repeated, "This is today! This is now!"

In his career as a Catholic speaker and writer, Fradd has been outspoken on the evils of pornography. One of his books, for instance, is titled The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography.

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