McCarrick and Other Clerical Monsters

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  March 28, 2019   

Michael Voris talks to James Grein

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The damage caused to souls by homosexual predator clergy is incalculable. Only now, after decades of cover-up, is the true toll of the disaster being made public.

For decades, survivors of clerical sex abuse have had to deal with the burden on their own. The very spiritual fathers to whom the Church has entrusted the salvation of their souls have mercilessly preyed on their spiritual children.

The fathers of souls have stooped to demonic levels of depravity in an attempt to fulfill their lusts, and they did all this with no fear of offending God or the justice they must face either in this life or the next.

Some victims are getting a small measure of justice but they will never be the same. Many priest-abusers have been protected and moved by worse than cowardly bishops. While some bishops are weaklings to have allowed innocent minds and souls to be ravaged by mostly homosexual clerics, there are others who have committed the same crimes.

The name Theodore McCarrick is now a part of Church history — a name which denotes the most depraved levels of homoclericalism. But it's not just his name. For decades, this demented homosexual predator has not been acting alone. For decades, his abuse has been enabled by many fellow bishops and priests.

He has done his demonic acts with the implicit permission of his peers who did nothing to stop him, going all the way up to the Vatican. These men — these bishops — are just as responsible.

While McCarrick has been defrocked, he has not received the measure of justice due to him even in this life. He has been released from his obligations to the priesthood but the lives he has destroyed along the way have yet to get any justice from it.

On this week's episode of Mic'd Up—Voice for the Victims, Michael Voris talks to James Grein, the first victim of Theodore McCarrick to publicly reveal his testimony of abuse at the hands of one of the most powerful men in the Church.

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