Media Turns on Biden

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by Benjamin Starnes  •  •  August 20, 2021   

Tough questions come too late

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On Sunday, CNN's Jake Tapper fired uncharacteristically tough questions at Secretary of State Antony Blinken. 

Jake Tapper: "Does President Biden not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from Afghanistan?"

But Patricia McCarthy in the American Thinker on Monday recounted the liberal media's complicity in raising the corrupt Biden to unelected power. 

President Donald Trump: "I guess I'm debating you, not him. But that's OK, I'm not surprised."

Biden — a pro-abortion Catholic — bragged about using his political influence as vice president to shield his son Hunter Biden from a Ukrainian investigation. But the media buried the story. 

Jake Tapper: "The idea that President Biden ordered 2,500 service members out, and now is sending up to 5,000 service members back in, does that not on its face show that the exit was ineptly planned?"

Also ignored was Hunter Biden's for-profit relationship with communist China.

In 1987, Biden lied about his law school credentials and his presidential campaign at the time ended with an embarrassing revelation of plagiarism.

Now Americans are suffering under Biden's crisis at the southern border, rising inflation ruining savings and a woke military becoming increasingly incapable of protecting the homeland.

Jake Tapper: "There are reports from Afghanistan right now that they are forcing young girls into sexual slavery."

Antony Blinken: "Jake, this is heart-wrenching stuff."

Alternative news sources continue to grow as mainstream media hemorrhage credibility.

We've reported before that 15% of Biden voters would not have voted for him had they known about scandals suppressed by Big Tech.

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