Medjugorje Crackdown

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by Miles Swigart  •  •  September 9, 2015   

The Vatican has prohibited the alleged visionaries from spreading their "messages"

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VATICAN CITY, September 9, 2015 ( - The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), headed by Cdl. Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has prohibited Fr. Marinko Sakota and the six alleged visionaries who claim they have received daily visions of Mary for 34 years, from delivering testimonies or spreading the "messages" inside the parish of Medjugorje. 

This is a very big blow for the supposed visionaries, coming after a previous statement banning people from attending conferences that would "take Medjugorje's authenticity for granted."

This can only be seen as yet another striking sign that the CDF's final conclusion will be that there is nothing supernatural about Medjugorje. 

Numerous theological issues with the messages allegedly by the Virgin Mary have left many in the Church disturbed, leading them to denounce the messages and its messengers as frauds. 

The behavior of the visionaries themselves has been of much concern, as they have repeatedly disobeyed their bishops. They even defied the Vatican when it demanded of them acces to view the "ten secrets" the Virgin had supposedly given them.

The visionaries have benefited monetarily in an unprecedented way as well, since no true visionaries have ever invested so much in hotels and merchandise for their apparitions.

In fact, the visionaries have garnered the nickname "Ministry of Propaganda," because their publication is able to send the texts of the "messages" onto the Medjugorje website immediately after having received them, complete with several language translations.

Until now, the Vatican had given Medjugorje free reign, allowing the alleged visionaries to continue preaching and gathering followers for more than three decades. The CDF has been investigating the Medjugorje phenomenon for several years, however, and it is very near to finalizing its verdict.

Though the Vatican ministry, led by Cdl. Müller, will meet in several weeks to concretize its assessment, the final decision will come down to Pope Francis. The Pope has already made several comments on the matter which should cause any supporter of the supposed apparitions to reconsider any devotion to their messages.


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