Memorial Services for Victims of Abortion Are a Call to Action

by Anita Carey  •  •  September 11, 2017   

Dr. Monica Miller: "When there's a great injustice, this is the opportunity to great and holy and heroic things"

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DETROIT ( - Pro-life advocates across the country remember the victims of abortion while calling for more action to end the holocaust of killing babies in their mothers' wombs.

Saturday's fifth annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies was held at 185 locations across America. While these grave sites contain tens of thousands of bodies of aborted children, they represent only a tiny fraction of the 60 million victims of the abortion holocaust. Most of the rest of the babies ended up in landfills or in medical waste facilities.

Church Militant spoke with Dr. Monica Miller, one of the speakers at the event held at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Detroit, Michigan. "The only thing that these babies, these victims of abortion, are ever going to get on this side of the kingdom of God is a grave and these memorial services." She says these graves "stand as a public indictment of our national crime."

Miller is the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and has rescued and photographed thousands of the victims of abortion that were discarded in dumpsters behind abortion mills. It is her photographs that are featured in many of the pro-life signs and literature because she feels they are a very powerful pro-life tool and makes them available to anyone who visits the website.

Miller defended the use of abortion victim photos that she insists are not grisly, graphic or gory but show that "the actual subject of the photo is an abortion victim." She asks, "How are you supposed to promote and educate a sleeping society when they never see the actual person who's been oppressed?" She says they need to be shown to "awaken souls to the violence and the injustice of abortion." She asserts, "Keep them hidden, never show them, they will always remain silent. That's wrong."

Miller told Church Militant, "The key to the whole issue is the Catholic Church." She says we would begin to see a change in attitudes if the Church acted as if we are in a crisis moment. "It has to preach the truth about the sanctity of life and not allow itself to be compromised about that."

Church Militant also spoke with Ellen Salter, the mother of 14-year-old Meghan who was left on life support after a number of seizures as an infant with disabling results. She has become a pro-life advocate for the preborn and those in danger of euthanasia, working through and warns that hospitals are stripping rights from the families by taking away the care for those with disabilities.

We are souls with a body, not bodies with a soul.

"We are souls with a body, not bodies with a soul," Salter says. Meghan's "body does not work. She cannot move, speak, breathe or eat but she has great joy." Salter disagrees a disabled life is a life not worth living. "They have great human value and their work really is so much more than their bodies," she proclaims.

Meghan Salter

Salter says people whisper prayers into Meghan's ears, and she inspires people around her "through prayer, and peace and hope." Salter says Meghan is "saving souls for Jesus Christ," and that "she is a blessing beyond words and human comprehension."

Deacon Joe Iskra, the founder of Imago Dei Pregnancy Centers located inside St. Jude and St. Augustine Churches in Detroit, mentioned during the memorial service that even though his crisis pregnancy centers were only open for five hours a week and staffed by volunteers, they were able to save the lives of 500 babies. He implored all Catholic parishes to open crisis pregnancy centers, saying, "There is no reason why any church that calls itself a Christian Church could not reach out to the ladies in their neighborhoods ... and make a difference in their life." He was adamant, "We ought to have one for each so-called Christian church. It's about time that the people of God rise up and do what Jesus would have them do."

Around 100 people were in attendance at the memorial service Church Militant confirms. Dr. Miller assured people to get involved and not be afraid, "When there is a great crisis and when there's a great injustice, this is the opportunity to great and holy and heroic things."

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