Men Using Truth to Defend the Weak

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  August 7, 2017   

Strength and Honor Conference addressed what men do and how they do it

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Men were fired up at last week's third annual Strength and Honor Conference when Michael Voris told them real men use the truth to defend the weak.

Addressing close to one hundred men over the weekend, Voris declared they need to learn the truth of their faith and speak that truth clearly in defense of the Faith. Today, "too much emphasis is on emotions and feelings," said Voris, which "has tipped the scales too far in the direction of feminization, resulting in an emasculation of Catholic men."

Voris noted that to defend the Faith men need to become intellectual again and not rely on blind faith or emotion. "The Church needs men to step up — solid Catholic men — to begin a restoration of the Faith, which will, in turn, have ripple effects in the culture as well," he said.

During the conference, Voris called out the intellectual dishonesty of atheists for their facade of intellectualism. This is illustrated, he said, when they can measure matter but refuse to discuss why there are underlying principles, governing that matter and more importantly how those rules came into being. He also pointed out their inability to discuss human consciousness:

Atheism is illogical because, first of all, it only measures the scientific material. It has no explanation for human consciousness, the fact that human consciousness exists; and it has absolutely no explanation whatsoever for how mathematics exists. The underlying rules, the principles by which mathematics works has no existence in the physical world. Those principles can't be measured, only the effects of them.

He further called out atheists for their practical hypocrisy in denying the organization that underlies the objective world but said they then proceed to order their lives in accord with objective standards. "They do things like pay their mortgage and show up to work on time because they know the real world runs according to objective rules," he said.

He used these themes to show how modern dialogue is really based not on objective proof and intellectual argumentation but rather on blind faith in unfounded theories and on emotionalism. The crisis of masculinity, he said, is rooted in this lack of truth and objectivity in dialogue today. Voris urged the men to restore masculinity by learning and living the truth in defense of the weak and to defend that truth in service of the Church.

Watch the panel discuss the need for authentic masculinity in The Download—Strength and Honor Recap.


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