Men’s March to Abolish Abortion

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by Kim Tisor  •  •  September 16, 2022   

Cardinal O'Malley snubs pro-life Catholics

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The National Men's March to Abolish Abortion is preparing for its fourth march, scheduled one month from today in Boston. As we reported last night, unless things change, it will occur without the support of the Boston archdiocese.

Church Militant's Kim Tisor examines why Boston cardinal Seán O'Malley may be giving these pro-life men — and their mission — the cold shoulder.
The archdiocese of Boston is "subtly" discrediting the National Men's March, which attracted hundreds of men and their families at events in D.C., Baltimore and Tallahassee over the past year. In a statement last month from the archdiocese, it said it would "focus all its attention and support on the March for Life in January." It further advised parishes and schools not to publicize or support other marches, adding, "It is important this commitment be understood."

According to the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, the statement came after the National Men's March sought Cardinal O'Malley's support. The League's executive director theorizes why the archdiocese is trying to thwart the group's efforts.

C.J. Doyle, executive director, Catholic Action League, MA:

The organizers of the Men's March support enforcing canon 915 of the code of canon law, which prohibits admission to Holy Communion of those in a state of manifest grave sin. ... Cdl. O'Malley and his top aides try to present themselves as pro-life, but they have a long-standing — for two decades now — they have a long-standing close, cozy, chummy, mutually-supportive relationship — amicable relationship — with the pro-abortion Massachusetts political class.

The National Men's March cofounder, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, expressed his frustration to Church Militant over the apparent boycott.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato: "The March for Life is telling everybody: Do local marches, local marches, local marches, and we're doing a local march up in Boston. Two devout Catholic men — a layman and a priest in good standing [are doing that] — and the archdiocese is saying 'we don't want anything to do with you.'"

Regardless of the archdiocese's stance, march organizers intend to continue their fight against what most faithful Catholics consider the gravest evil of our time. 

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