Mexican Archbishop: ‘We Will Not Comply’ with Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

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by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  June 25, 2015   

"The Supreme Court can put bishops and priests in jail, whoever they want to, but the Church cannot go against the law of Our Lord"

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MEXICO CITY, June 25, 2015 ( - Archbishop Gustavo Rodriguez Vega of Yucatan, Mexico, is refusing to cooperate with his country's recent decision to start allowing so-called gay marriage. Openness to children, he insists, is an essential part of true marriage. The Church, he adds, also rejects the state's new revolutionary notion of what the marital union entails.

The Mexican prelate explains that the family, a foundational element of society, "is founded upon marriage between a man and a woman, established in the ancient legal tradition of the West, a 2,000-year-old tradition." Marriage, he repeats, "is the union between a man and a woman who want to have children."

Thus goes his reasoning for why neither he nor the Church can wed homosexual couples. And he maintains that no government can force the Church to participate in the Mexican Supreme Court's attempted redefinition of a millenia-old institution.

"We know that we might go to prison ... but we will not comply; this law cannot be used to force the Church," Abp. Vega urged.

Emphasizing his point, he expressed a sign of hope to be found in resisting same-sex "marriage," saying, "[T]he Church cannot go against Her principles and in fact those who share our principles will come to the Church."

"The Supreme Court can put bishops and priests in jail, whoever they want to," figures Archbishop Vega, "but the Church cannot go against the law of Our Lord."

Last Friday, Mexico's Supreme Court ruled that procreation is not an essential aspect of marriage and that therefore to exclude same-sex couples from the institution would constitute unjust discrimination.


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