Mexican Cardinal: Gay Agenda Part of New, Anti-Catholic World Order

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  July 1, 2015   

Now he may face criminal charges

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GUADALAJARA, July 1, 2015 ( - Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, Mexico, is blasting the Mexican Supreme Court's recent acceptance of "gay marriage." In his weekly television address on the María Visión Catholic TV network, he says the Court's been bribed by international groups aiming for a world government that will be used to crush the family and the Church.

Weeks ago, Mexico effectively legalized same-sex "marriage" after its Supreme Court ruled that procreation is not essential to the maritual union and thus excluding gay couples from marriage would constitute unjust discrimination.

Cardinal Sandoval, however, says, "Marriage, in accordance with nature, is a man and a woman, and it is also so in accordance with Christian revelation."

"Marriage," he repeats, "is a man and a woman. Anything more is something deviant."

He further reveals what he believes has truly been motivating the Supreme Court members:

And if you ask why the Supreme Court is engaged in this, where the pressure is coming from, from where are they receiving, perhaps, great donations and great amounts of money, and as I have said, the "feeding" [of the judges], from where these influences are coming for the Supreme Court to be legislating these things, always against morality, the fundamental problem is that there are international organizations at the service of a project that is called the "new order," a plan for global government.

He continues on to what he sees as the end goal of such a scheme:

Russia, China and the Arab world have now escaped from their hands. They don't dominate them, but in Western countries they want to establish a single government and they want to use it to destroy the family, the Catholic Church, which are in their way, as well as the true national governments. And one of the means for destroying the family is to pervert the concept itself of the family, to speak of matrimony as a union of people, so that the definition applies to any bond or union. It's very lamentable, very sad.

The cardinal lays a large part of the blame on Catholic leaders — "those of us who are pastors of the Church, who don't speak clearly, who don't denounce, who don't organize our faithful to offer resistance" — for such things. Cardinal Sandoval figures local Catholic leaders should have tried "organizing, for example, the gathering of signatures, whether for the Supreme Court or for the national congress, for local congresses, many signatures that say clearly that they do not want such legislation."

"It's very important for the good of the country that marriage be healthy, that marriage be what it should be and not be perverted," he urges.

Gay agenda activists are apparently not content to let the cardinal's remarks go unpunished, though. According to reports, a coalition of at least 12 pro-gay groups has now filed criminal complaints with two government agencies against Cdl. Sandoval. The coalition charges him with inciting violence toward homosexuals as well as unjust discrimination.

Nevertheless, Cdl. Sandoval keeps up hope in things to come, especially for the upcoming Synod on the Family, which he expects will clearly uphold the Church's teachings on marriage. "The position of the Synod of the pope," he states, "cannot be any other than what is fixed in the pages of Sacred Scripture: God made them man and woman, and commanded that they unite ... so that they may be fertile. Whatever departs from this divine institution is an attack against it and is an aberration, and it can never fit into the mind of a Catholic, of a Christian."

Mexico's Catholic leaders appear to be getting more vocal over the past couple of weeks, ever since Cdl. Sandoval initiated and led a country-wide exorcism in order to address the nation's widely accepted practice of abortion.


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