MI Judge Lets Trunk Abortionist Off

by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 7, 2017   

Hands down $600 fine and no jail time for 3 felonies

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MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (ChurchMilitant.com) - After pleading guilty to three felonies, the notorious "trunk abortionist" is let off by a Michigan circuit court judge with nothing more than a $600 fine.

Macomb Circuit Court Judge Michael Servitto sentenced Michael Arthur Roth, a metro-Detroit abortionist, with nothing more than a $600 fine after Roth had admitted to three felony counts of larceny in a building. Normally, Roth would have had as many as 50 years in prison and almost $200,000 in fines.

Lynn Mills, a Detroit-area pro-life advocate, reacted with outrage and frustration over the December 7 ruling, telling Church Militant she expected the sentence to be light but was horrified when Servitto gave no jail time whatsoever to Roth who had lost his medical license and admitted to committing felonies.

Mills, a Catholic mother and pro-life warrior, wept in a video she posted on Facebook after attending the sentencing and sitting directly behind Roth in the courtroom. She notes the judge ignored Roth's long record of performing abortions in people's homes and his long list of state medical violations.

She notes that pro-lifers who are arrested for trespassing on abortion mill property are charged with a misdemeanor, put on probation and have to "pick up garbage from the side of the road," while Roth "gets away with it."

"What is so special about these jokers that they get away with this?" she asks.

On September 13, the Michigan Board of Medicine ruled by a unanimous vote to suspend Roth's medical license for a year and that he pay $25,000 in fines.

What is so special about these jokers that they get away with this?

In 2016, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged Roth with unlawful possession of the drugs Fentanyl and Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), both commonly used in surgical abortion procedures. Fentanyl is a narcotic used for sedation while Cipro is an antibiotic given to women after an abortion procedure.

Mills said, "I believe the medical board ignored the humanity of the children but ultimately did what they could within the scope of the law."

Roth's car was impounded in September 2015 after a traffic accident where he critically injured a special-needs child. Police obtained a search warrant and discovered aborted baby parts in the trunk, along with the Fentanyl and six prescriptions for Cipro.

In a follow-up search of his home, police found more drugs along with syringes, scalpels and empty containers identical to those in his trunk.

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Between 2014–2015, Roth worked at the Eastland Women's Clinic in Eastpointe under the direction of Dr. Angel Ojeda. The prescriptions discovered in Roth's car were signed by Ojeda, who told state investigators that in December 2014 a large amount of Fentanyl was stolen from his office.

The drugs were allegedly stolen by a nurse who worked at the Eastland Women's Clinic and called Roth "Big Daddy." She admitted on August 2 to stealing Cipro, plastic cannulas and other medical devices from the clinic, but she has not admitted to stealing the narcotics. On August 2, employees testified that many times they found drugs missing but did not file a police report.

Mills uncovered a complaint by Michigan's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, showing that Ojeda "failed to report the theft or loss of controlled substances to Complainant as evidenced by (Ojeda's) admission during an interview with Complainant's inspector that in December 2014, 84 2 ml. vials of Fentanyl 50mcg./ml. were missing."

In 2015, Catholic pro-life advocates had been protesting that Roth had admitting privileges at St. John Providence Healthcare System, a Detroit-area Catholic hospital. In October 2015, the hospital cut Roth's admitting privileges, saying he was taking a leave of absence from the hospital and mentioning nothing about him being an abortionist. The archdiocese of Detroit, however, had done nothing to intervene in the situation despite the fact Roth had been openly performing abortions for years.

Mills adds, "I'm tired of dealing with these hardened hearts women at the abortion mill but we'll still go out there." She tells Church Militant that she wants Roth to be converted and to go to Heaven, disclosing that she hoped a prison sentence would have been the opportunity to do so.


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