Mic’d Up—Cardinal Dolan’s Flawed Logic

News: Crisis in the Church
by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 18, 2016   

An exception for one is an exception for all

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By Peter O'Dwyer

The mental gymnastics used to justify Cdl. Timothy Dolan's stance on the last two St. Patrick's Day parades have some serious consequences.

According to Cdl. Dolan, since the homosexual groups marching in the parade — the Lavender and Green Alliance as well as NBC's official diversity group Out@NBCUniversal — aren't agitating for gay marriage, but merely expressing their identity, it was permissible to lead the parade last year and approve of the parade this year.

The first problem with that train of thought is that Out@NBCUniversal and the Lavender and Green Alliance do agitate for so-called homosexual marriage.

Church Militant executive producer Matthew Pearson — eyewitness to the 2015 St. Patrick's Day parade — isn't buying the logic, especially when it's applied to other groups.

Michael Voris posed the following scenario: "I would dearly love to see what would happen if Catholics wanted to march as Catholics insisting on Church teaching in the gay parade that happens in New York."

In response, Pearson said:

I'm surprised the KKK didn't try to march or something. Why can't they say they were just born racist? "I'm not choosing to be racist; I was just born with the inclination to hate people who don't look like me." The argument follows; it's a perfect analogy. I mean, so for them to move on this ... as if "we're trying to be accepting." No, you're not trying to be accepting. You're being pressured by this group to approve their sin, and you're capitulating. You're not standing your ground when you would against someone who is openly pro-abortion, or a Ku Klux Klan member, or any of these other clearly sinful groups.

Whether they are agitating for sinful behavior or not in the parade itself, these groups represent men and women who identify themselves by their sin. The Church cannot allow people to wear their sin as a badge, and making a politically pragmatic exception undermines the moral authority of the Catholic Church. The logical fallacies that permit these gay groups to march in the parade open an ethical can of worms that Cdl. Dolan will find hard to shut.

Watch the full episode: "Mic'd Up—The Betrayal of St. Patrick."


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