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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 12, 2022   

Salon veils its anti-Catholic bigotry behind smokescreen of slurs

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Kathryn Joyce

Kathryn Joyce, a pro-abortion zealot who writes for leftist rag Salon, published a hit piece on Church Militant Thursday, veiling her clear anti-Catholic bigotry behind a smokescreen of outrageous slurs ("anti-semitic," "white nationalist," etc.).

Joyce has a long track record of targeting the "Christian right," lamenting the way "organized misogyny serves as a vital cornerstone of right-wing activism." She has authored, among other things, a book titled Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement.

She has mocked Catholics' concerns over being attacked in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson, dismissing them as little more than a right-wing conspiracy theory — even as multiple Catholic churches and pro-life clinics were vandalized and firebombed by leftist militants.

Joyce has promoted critical race theory, demonizing its opponents (mostly concerned parents) as right-wing extremists who want to shut down "discussion of race and gender justice."

Church Militant is pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family — and unapologetically Catholic. Instead of engaging with our ideas and beliefs, in her latest piece Joyce resorts to mudslinging and guilt by association, relying on preconceived bias rather than any desire for truth.

Case in point: Joyce reached out to CEO Michael Voris at 4:41 p.m. ET Wednesday for comment, apologizing for the short notice. He replied within an hour, providing detailed responses to her questions. Yet she failed to quote him once in the first segment — even though all of his responses were apropos. 

While she quoted him in part in her second segment, it was only after painting a misleading portrait depicting Church Militant as racist, misogynist, white nationalist, etc. Voris' comments in the first segment would have provided much-needed context and balance.

Below are Voris' responses in full.

From: Michael Voris Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 5:26 PM To: Kathryn Joyce; Editor Subject: RE: Request for comment - Salon.com, deadline Weds 9pm

Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

I am on vacation this week, so I'll keep my responses brief. ...

1. From work published on Church Militant, it seems Michael Voris was impressed by this year's America First Political Action Conference and values the groypers as a valuable youth constituency. 

A: Church Militant didn't attend the conference and has no firsthand knowledge of what was said or presented; however, it should not be surprising that two (or more) organizations that hold general views of the current cultural crisis would experience some crossover of ideas. Every organization on earth shares some things in common with other groups.

That said, Church Militant doesn't align itself with any specific group in a formal way — including groups that are expressly Catholic.

Where we enjoy shared ideas, we may cooperate.

To the degree CM "values" individual members of any group (not the group as a whole), it is because of shared religious values, namely Catholicism and what the Church teaches on all matters.

2. It appears that Church Militant and Mr. Voris are interested in recruiting youth into Church Militant and/or its Resistance action network. 

A: It doesn't "appear"; it is a fact, just like any organization always looking for bright young people to train. For example, almost 40% of the current workforce at CM is under 30. We take pride in that.

3. The Resistance network likewise seems to be conducting outreach to and partnering with the groyper movement, including by hosting a recent interview with Dalton Clodfelter, generating outreach materials that appeal to groypers and seeming to partner with Clodfelter in an effort to recruit groypers for a series of protests or counterprotests at Planned Parenthood locations around the country this Saturday, May 14. 

A: As answered in Question 1, CM might partner with anyone in a particular effort to achieve a limited and shared goal.

In this particular case (Roe), yes. CM will link arms with almost anyone who decries the horror of babies being hacked to death in their mothers' wombs. Isn't "linking arms" the very thing Antifa and BLM and the Democrats do?

"Questions" 4 and 5 are not questions, but merely statements, so I don't have any "answer" because presumably, no "answer" is sought.

Thank you again for the opportunity to supply answers to your questions.

I trust you will follow ethical practices and print the entirety of my answers where you touch on the subject.

GOD Bless,

Michael Voris


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