Michigan’s Dubious Election

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 27, 2020   

Key state in the 'attempted coup'

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LANSING, Mich. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Michigan has been at the epicenter of the 2020 election fraud and fallout, particularly in its most populous county and largest metropolis.

In a Tuesday press release, the Donald Trump for President Campaign legal team announced that state legislatures in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona will hold public hearings on the election beginning Wednesday and next week in an effort to provide confidence that all of the legal votes have been counted and the illegal votes have not been counted in the Nov. 3 election.

This announcement comes as a recent Politico poll shows the majority of Trump voters — 79% — believe the election was stolen. And an even larger percentage — 83% — believe the media is the enemy of the people.

Sen. Patrick Colbeck

The lack of confidence in the election results is resounding among patriots in Michigan despite the media proclamation that Joe Biden is president-elect. In a stunning 71% of Wayne County absentee-voting precincts, the number of people who signed the poll books does not equal the number of votes counted.

State Certification

On Monday, the Michigan State Board of Canvassers certified election results. The vote was sealed 3–0 with Republican Norman Shinkle abstaining from voting.

During the meeting, former GOP state senator Patrick Colbeck, who served as a poll challenger at Detroit's TCF Center on Election Day, argued the results of the election "are not certifiable" because the chain of custody concerning digitized voting had been broken.

Breaks in the chain of custody, according to Colbeck, include:

  • Michigan voter files indicate 8.1 million voters but only 7.8 million are of voting age, leaving a 300,000 voter difference
  • Voting machines and tabulators at the TCF Center in Detroit were connected to the internet

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel flexed her muscles at Colbeck's charges and tweeted Monday: "Colbeck's assertions aside, intentionally making a false claim of criminal activity to law enforcement is itself a crime."

Hiding criminal activity by intimidation is a crime.

Patriots were quick to reply to Nessel's threat. One post read: "Michigan AG Nessel threatens anyone willing to expose corruption of the Michigan vote. Hiding criminal activity by intimidation is a crime."

Colbeck is not the only one who witnessed serious irregularities.

Michael Voris chats with Patrick Colbeck about what he witnessed as a MI election observer

Articia Bomer, a 2020 candidate for the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan — who ran against Rashida Tlaib for Detroit's District 13 — is alleging "massive" and "blatant" voter fraud at the TCF Center Nov. 3 and 4.

In a video interview, Bomer alleged to have witnessed:

  • A 4 a.m. general announcement that boxes of ballots were being delivered
  • Republicans not allowed to show Trump or Republican paraphernalia, but Biden BLM and "blue Whitmer" masks were allowed
  • Wite-Out tape used to override ballots at tabulators
  • Poll workers using cell phones during ballot counting
  • People pretending to be poll watchers

The former Taxpayers Party candidate explained her purpose in coming forward: "This is for justice ... and this is to go to court, all the way to the Supreme Court, if we have to ... because I saw what I saw. I made notes and justice needs to be served this election."

Wayne County Certification

On Nov. 17, the Wayne county certification process played out in a vitriolic in-person and online meeting.

Canvassers first deadlocked — voting 2–2 along party lines — and failed to certify the election results.

Republicans Monica Palmer and William Hartmann voted against certification. They said their decision was based on the large number of counties in Michigan where the number of people who signed the poll books did not equal the number of votes counted.

This is bigger than Donald Trump or no Donald Trump ... This is about the integrity of our election system.

The GOP canvassers received death threats prior to the meeting. They were harassed by leftist agitators who joined in via Zoom. Reportedly, Antifa had put out a call to infiltrate the meeting via Zoom and sling verbal abuses at them.

Palmer and Hartmann were viciously doxed and attacked as racists by leftist agitators in tirades that went viral. Attackers included leftist Democrat agitator Ned Staebler, head of Detroit's NAACP Rev. Wendell Anthony and representative-elect for Michigan's 4th Congressional District Abraham Aiyash. Palmer was also doxed online and her place of employment was published.

After being promised that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson would provide a full and accurate audit of the voting discrepancies, the two GOP canvassers agreed to certify. But Benson reneged on her promise and Palmer and Hartmann rescinded their original vote.

On Nov. 21, Palmer spoke outside her lawyer's office in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She narrated the details of her ordeal, confirmed the attacks and harassment, and told about President Trump's phoning her after the meeting to check on her safety.

Monica Palmer


Sworn affidavits that constitute evidence in a court of law refute the media's narrative that there is "no evidence" of voter fraud.

Jessy Jacob, a Detroit city worker, who was assigned to work the election, has sworn in an affidavit that she — and others — were ordered to change mailing dates on ballots. Jacob also observed supervisors "coaching" voters to cast ballots for Democrat Joe Biden, according to her affidavit included in a lawsuit by the Great Lakes Justice Center.

Jacobs' affidavit is representative of hundreds of others attesting to election irregularities and even illegalities.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has pushed back against the media's false narrative of "no evidence" by leafing through 234 pages of affidavits — from Wayne County alone — on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News.

The press secretary further affirmed the Trump campaign is poised to present even more such evidence from Pennsylvania and other parts of Michigan, where McEnany reported that "120-year-old voters" cast a ballot.

Antrim County

While Wayne County has been center stage throughout the post-election season, small Antrim County, northeast of Traverse City, has played an important role in exposing the voting irregularities that some point to as evidence of "election fraud."

The county, a traditionally red area, first reported a landslide for Biden. It's among 47 of 83 in the state that used Dominion Voting Systems' for election management and as ballot tabulators.

What is happening in the United States right now is an 'attempted coup.'

Trump, it was later found, defeated Biden in Antrim County with 56% of the vote, according to corrected totals.

Benson's Department of State claimed the source of the initial landslide for Biden was "human error" maintaining the Antrim County clerk accidentally did not update software used to collect voting machine data.

Attempted Coup

In an interview with Church Militant Nov. 19, Colbeck warned that what's happening in the United States right now is an "attempted coup."

"The key takeaway from all this is ... this is an attempted coup," he said. "This is bigger than Donald Trump or no Donald Trump ... This is about the integrity of our election system. This is about the integrity of our election system."

Despite the challenges of exposing voting irregularities, Colbeck remains undeterred. Colbeck further related he and his allies have been doing some serious number crunching and plan to release next week "incontrovertible evidence" of election fraud in Michigan.

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