Michigan Court Shows No Mercy for Pro-Lifers

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by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 5, 2018   

Jail time for following their consciences

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Two pro-life advocates were tossed in jail for helping women choose life.

Doctor Monica Miller and Will Goodman were arrested on June 1 after taking part in a sidewalk vigil at an abortion mill in West Bloomfield, Michigan. They were charged with violating their probation from a previous Red Rose Rescue conviction.

City Attorney Larry Sherman said at their arraignment at 48th District Court this is "just another example of this defendant and his cohort thumbing his nose at this court, not obeying court orders because this defendant, along with Ms. Miller does not believe that they are required to follow the law. To them, the law is God's law, not man's law."

One woman broke down in tears and left after Miller spoke with her, admitting she was seeking an abortion because her boyfriend didn't want the baby. Miller told Church Militant, "That was worth going to jail for."

The court hasn't responded to a motion filed in March to postpone their punishments while they appeal.

Miller spoke out against the conditions of her probation. She and her co-defendants were ordered to have no contact with each other, including no joint meetings with their attorney and to stay 500 feet away from all abortion mills.

"Those conditions may be unconstitutional — a violation of our free speech, our freedom of assembly, and even our free exercise of religion," Miller said. "A 500-foot restriction on every single abortion clinic in the United States of America [is] absolutely unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion. That we have had these incredibly atrocious conditions imposed on us when all we did today was go to an abortion clinic to witness to the sanctity of human life, well within the boundary of constitutional rights."

City Attorney Larry Sherman painted the pro-lifers as dangerous, saying, "I'm asking for a high bond here. The people need to be protected from these people, this defendant and his cohorts."

Miller responded, "We did not harass or intimidate anyone, either today or on the day we were arrested in December. I did not picket today, I did not hold a sign. I did not protest abortion."

While two other pro-lifers walk free after their arrests for staying in a Washington D.C. abortion mill for two hours, Miller and Goodman will face Judge Marc Barron and jail time.

Goodman refused to be released on bond and is currently awaiting his trial on June 14.

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