Migrant Assaults Provoke Backlash Among Young German Women

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by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 1, 2018   

#120db campaign gives voice to victims, condemns establishment leaders

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BERLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) - Failed by a government that favors migrants over citizens, young German women are taking their security into their own hands.

A group of German women has launched a campaign to draw attention to the failed migrations policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel, and their catastrophic consequences for women.

Called #120db or 120 decibels — the "sound intensity of rape alarms" — the group issued a video earlier this week challenging German leaders.

The video features young women referencing cases of assault and murder occurring recently in Germany and Sweden: Mia, a young girl stabbed to death by her boyfriend, an asylum seeker in the German city of Kandel. Maria, allegedly raped and murdered by a migrant who lied about being underage. Eleven-year-old Ebba, who was cut in two during the 2017 Stockholm terrorist attack.

"They could be me, and I could be them," the women go on to say. "The offenders are everywhere. While jogging in the park, when we come home after work, while we wait for the bus."

They blast the German government for its failures:

We are not secure because you are not securing us, because you refuse to secure our borders, because you refuse to control who is coming in, because you refuse to deport criminals, because you [would] rather censor any critique against you than [take] us seriously, because you [would] rather let us die instead of admitting your errors. Because of your immigration policies, we are facing soon a majority of young men that come from archaic societies with no women's rights. You knew that, and you accepted it. You knew that. You accepted it. You abandoned us. You sacrificed us.

The group exposed the hypocrisy of the German government, noting it preaches feminism and women's rights when, by its own actions, it serves as the real enemy of women.

Since throwing open its doors to Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa in 2015, Germany has recorded more than a million newcomers, a majority of them young men.

Too many people are of the opinion that every other culture is an enrichment. I do not feel that the everyday debasement that women experience is an enrichment.

With the influx has come a spike in crime. Sexual assault now poses such a threat that in the lead-up to New Year's Eve 2017, authorities in Berlin decided to set up segregated "safe spaces" for women to shield them from sexual assault. More than a dozen attacks still occurred.

In the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg, a migrant hot-spot, the number of sexual assaults by migrants nearly doubled from 2015–2016.

"No violence against women"

In July 2016, a festival at Schorndorf Castle was rocked by an outbreak of "unprecedented" violence, during which a largely migrant mob attacked police and sexually assaulted almost a dozen women.

Reflecting on the riot, German politician Jens Span — a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU party — lamented, "Schorndorf is a symbol of what is happening on a daily basis in many places in Germany.

"Too many people are of the opinion that every other culture is an enrichment," he observed. "I do not feel that the everyday debasement that women experience is an enrichment."

Critics of the open-doors policy point out that compounding the epidemic of sexual assault epidemic is the scandal of cover-up, where establishment politicians and media downplay the extent of the crisis.

Cologne, New Year's Eve 2015

On New Year's Eve 2015, roughly 1,200 sexual assaults were reported in the cities of Cologne, Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Bielefeld.

Almost all the attackers were Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa — many of them recent arrivals.

German police initially reported the night was quiet. Mainstream media refused to report the facts for days. The facts of the case emerged only after Breitbart News exposed them.

Writing in U.K. newspaper The Times, commentator Melanie Phillips called the Establishment response "remarkable." She observed:

First, the German authorities misleadingly reported merely a small handful of attacks by German-speaking men with no evidence of immigrant involvement. Then social media and the Breitbart news website, started to report the victims' graphic testimony and a very different picture emerged. In Cologne women were sexually assaulted and both men and women robbed by a throng of migrants a thousand strong. The victims identified virtually all these attackers as of north African, Arab or "dark" appearance.

Seeing no end to either the migrant influx or the Establishment cover-up, #120db founders are stepping into the gap left by their government.

"We are the daughters of Europe," they declare. "We were silent for too long. Now begins our resistance."

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